‘The Magicians’: Why Fans Shouldn’t Expect to See Quentin Before the Series Ends

At the start of season five, fans were still reeling from the loss of Quentin Coldwater in the previous year’s season finale of The Magicians. Along with Alice and Penny, we watched him sacrifice himself, and many felt Alice’s anguish in those final moments when Quentin turned to light and dust. It hurt.

That’s why she wanted to bring him back, and there are viewers who wanted – and still want – to bring him back. In a way, it happened with the childlike, golem version of Quentin, but what about Jason Ralph returning for one last hurrah before things wrap?

Olivia Taylor Dudley as Alice in 'The Magicians'
Olivia Taylor Dudley as Alice in ‘The Magicians’ | Eric Milner/SYFY/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

‘The Magicians’ is ending, so fans are hopeful about a Quentin pop-up

Armed with the news that the beloved Syfy show is ending its run at the with this current season, fans are preparing to say goodbye. There was a question mark as to how things would pan out without the main protagonist in season five, but his presence is still felt, and he’s definitely missed.

The fans are grieving alongside the characters in The Magicians, with Eliot, Julia, and Alice taking it the hardest. With remnants of Quentin woven into the current storyline, some viewers are keeping their fingers crossed that he’ll pop up before season five closes out. Whether it’s a ghost or Quentin from a different timeline, they’re game.

‘The Magicians’ showrunners addressed a Quentin Coldwater appearance

As the fan base digests that the ending is nigh, co-showrunners Sera Gamble, Henry Alonso Myers, and John McNamara shared their feelings on the series ending and the characters’ journeys. They recently spoke with Entertainment Weekly, and Myers said this about the ending:

“We tried very much to wrap up some character stuff while keeping some plot stuff going just so that the show could be satisfying both ways. I think we ended up doing a pretty good job of coming up with a thing that will feel both final and hopefully looking toward the future when people finally get a chance to see it.”

They realize that Quentin is a fan-favorite but were adamant that he will not return; he added:

“We will not see Jason Ralph again. We love Jason Ralph, but we’re not going to see him again this season.”

What fans can expect from the final episodes

Sadly, Ralph’s Quentin won’t be around to help with one last spell to save a world, but the rest of the group will have their hands full. In a statement that can be considered both a teaser and spoiler, Myers said expect lots of book fare in the endgame.

“I think those people who love The Magicians’ Land, which might be our favorite book in the series among the three of us, are really gonna be satisfied with it because it touches on a lot of stuff from The Magicians’ Land.

What’s that mean? Fillory’s fate is hanging in the balance, but the seed will make a difference. Book fans, you know how to interpret that in these last days.