‘The Mandalorian’: Does Baby Yoda Wear Diapers?

It’s safe to say that Baby Yoda from The Mandalorian is the real hero of 2019, at least in the realm of pop culture. Despite doing nothing thus far in the series aside from looking cute — well, he did save Dyn Jarren‘s life by levitating that mud horn creature, the first evidence the child has Jedi abilities — the fictional character has won hearts. Baby Yoda even made it into Times‘ People of the Year issue.

As adorable as Baby Yoda has become across the world, there’s still so much more to reveal. While plenty of serious questions need to be answered, leave it up to Reddit to delve into the more mundane.

A good example is wondering if Baby Yoda functions like a typical baby. In other words: Does Baby Yoda digest food, as humans know it, requiring a change of a diaper?

How does Baby Yoda poop?

Social media is fluttering with love for Baby Yoda. And with that love comes questions. Fans know Baby Yoda consumes food, so it’s only natural to question whether the alien child defecates.

When a Reddit user recently asked the question of whether Baby Yoda wore a diaper, everyone piped in to express their opinion on how the alien child poops. Since Jon Favreau seemed to flesh out numerous details in his script, perhaps everyone will find out before the first season ends.

Before such a revelation, the latest theories are that maybe the child poops in pebbles as rabbits do. Others wrote in to question whether Baby Yoda really poops at all since there’s little human about the species, other than emanating baby cuteness.

Then there’s those who think Disney will put out Baby Yoda poop pellets with the doll next year for the 2020 holiday season. Yet another comment noted because of Baby Yoda’s age, maybe he/she isn’t wearing a diaper at all. Considering the child is 50 years old, there may be an evolution on when the Yoda species no longer wears diapers.

If Baby Yoda does wear diapers, Dyn Jarren would take care of it

One thing viewers have discovered about Dyn Jarren is he has a soft side when it comes to making sure children are given a peaceful upbringing. Flashbacks have been shown indicating Dyn’s childhood was more than a little volatile. He may even have some forms of PTSD as a result of his parents being killed during the Clone Wars.

These memories are clearly why he wanted to protect Baby Yoda, including making sure the kids on the farming planet of Sargon were also safe. No doubt many viewers first tuning in thought we’d be seeing a lead character who was all business with an extra cold heart.

Giving Dyn a sense of ethics makes his character all the more fascinating and also tells you how great of a writer Jon Favreau is. In such a harsh post-Empire world, Dyn would likely change Baby Yoda’s diaper without complaints if he had to. Although once delving into the details of what this entails, one could easily start to come up with a lot of wild theories.

The only thing known for sure is the Star Wars universe probably doesn’t have stopovers to buy Huggies.

World-building doesn’t necessarily have to mean knowing everything

Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda | Disney+ Media Center

Maybe Favreau will address this Baby Yoda question if anyone ever bothers to ask during an upcoming interview. It’s a good bet Favreau didn’t even think about such details while still likely having a long Baby Yoda outline of things everyone will eventually learn.

Within the bigger picture, it doesn’t really matter if he poops or not and how it’s collected. Once everyone finds out more about who Baby Yoda is related to and where he/she comes from, no one’s going to care how he digests food. Certainly few asked whether any of the human Star Wars characters did the same, despite being just as human as those on earth.

Let’s also remember because Baby Yoda is 50 years old, there may be certain intervals in the creature’s life where it’s capable of defecating or peeing on its own when out and about. Perhaps the rocks on the planets he’s visited with Dyn have already been used to rid the child of those digested amphibian creatures he’s been eating.