‘The Mandalorian’ Season 2: Did the ‘Star Wars’ Series Leak the Next Plotline?

It’s not hyperbole to say Star Wars was revitalized in 2019, though in a very unexpected way. Nobody expected Disney+’s The Mandalorian would basically usurp The Rise of Skywalker in capturing everyone’s imagination.

Those who grew up with Star Wars have mostly said The Mandalorian is the kind of project they’ve been waiting to see, with the big-screen finale of the Skywalker saga still having a mixed opinion. Because of that, knowing The Mandalorian won’t be back on again until next fall means there’s a long wait ahead.

Hints for the second season, though, seem to have given away the basic plot. Even if there seems to be a clear path ahead of guessing what happens next, most likely everyone has no clue what’s in store. Let’s keep in mind it worked the same way when it debuted.

Will it really just focus on Din Djarin finding The Child’s proper home?

The premiere of Lucasfilm's first-ever, live-action series, 'The Mandalorian'
Din Djarin on ‘The Mandalorian’ | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney

As seen in the final chapter of Season One, Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal) managed to rescue The Child — also known as “Baby Yoda” — from the clutches of another kidnapping. Moff Gideon (Giancarlo Esposito) and his Stormtrooper henchmen cornered Din Djarin, Cara Dune (Gina Carano), and Greef Karga (Carl Weathers) until the latter three managed to be saved by IG-11 (voiced by episode director Taika Waititi).

Thanks to Kuiil (Nick Nolte) reprogramming IG-11 to protect The Child, it was the only means of escape without any serious injuries.

Audiences at least saw Din Djarin unmasked, albeit briefly while badly injured. Had it not have been for IG-11’s healing injection, he likely would have died.

And, of course, all escaping through an underground sewer (with lava besides) couldn’t be a more classic plot mechanism from the Star Wars mold.

The whole series takes things back to the feel of the original trilogy, which is obviously why so many love it so much. At the same time, it stays modern and manages to carve out its own universe without having to reference the Skywalkers.

Regardless, the show was also smart enough to give some emotional connections to the original trilogy through cameos and offhanded references. During the upcoming second season, there’s all expectation this is going to continue.

The Child will probably have some surprising revelations in Season 2

Despite the last episode seemingly giving away the plot of Season 2, a lot of speculation is still going on the background of The Child. Most people are still calling The Child “Baby Yoda,” outside of it not being the proper title. Once all the toys start arriving next holiday season, fans may finally start changing it officially to Baby Yoda.

The series intentionally or unintentionally mapped out where the show is headed next season. In a pivotal scene, The Mandalorian has a conversation with the Armorer.

She identifies the child to be a Jedi even though their numbers are slim to none — near legend status — at this point in the Star Wars‘ universe’s timeline. Despite revealing there’s tense history between Jedis and Mandalorians, the Armorer makes the Child a “foundling” of the Mandalorian and seals the deal with their own custom Signet.

“By Creed,” she tells The Mandalorian, “until it is of its age or reunited with its own kind, you are as its father.”

This suggests season 2 will involve finding the Child’s own kind. Given the history Armorer alluded to, this task may not be so simple.

What revelations might be uncovered about The Child could potentially disrupt how viewers perceive the character. In no way will the show likely be straightforward in Din Djarin searching out The Child’s home planet.

Along the way, it’s almost a certainty audiences will be shocked at something about the tiny alien. On top of it, the news is various characters from the original trilogy will make cameos. (Psst…Boba Fett.)

The only interesting revelation, so far, is the Mandalorians were aware of the Jedi and considered them a bit of an indifferent ally. Their awareness of creatures like Baby Yoda is an eye-opening starting point.

Any notion The Child has some kind of nefarious background should continue to have all validity at the rate this show takes sharp turns. Whatever the revelations ultimately are, expect Din Djarin and The Child to be inseparable for a long while to guarantee top merchandise sales during the 2020 holiday season.

Proof of the emotional connection to the Skywalker saga

Based on the popularity of Season One, The Mandalorian is in for a long run on Disney+. Its success also points to the emotional connection to the original trilogy, arguably making up a good chunk of the Star Wars fan base. As such, it may pave the general path toward future Star Wars shows/movies.

Thankfully, The Mandalorian isn’t all pat storytelling as George Lucas gave people originally. Having Jon Favreau at the helm means nostalgia while also giving a lot of major surprises along the journey.

Season Two is undoubtedly going to step this up, meaning any potential leaks seen between now and Fall 2020 should be taken with a grain of credulity.

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