‘The Mandalorian’: The Top 3 Best Baby Yoda Name Theories

Now that Disney +’s series, The Mandalorian, is on hiatus until it returns this fall with season two, fans are busy speculating what Baby Yoda’s real name is. For some reason, the producers are tight-lipped about the Child’s real name. Let’s take a look at what fans believe the little creature’s name is going to be.

Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda | Disney Plus

Din Djarin will name him Kuiil

Since Baby Yoda is the Mandalorian Din Djarin’s (Pedro Pascal) sidekick, it seems likely that he will be the one to name the little creature. Djarin is also acting as a father-figure to the Child. 

“Kuiil Djarin, after the Ugnaught,” wrote one fan on Reddit. Users upvoted this suggestion roughly 20 times to show their support of the idea.

Many fans speculate that Djarin will honor the one who died protecting Baby Yoda; Kuiil (Nick Nolte). The Ugnaught helped Mando to rescue the Child in the first episode of the series. He also reprogrammed the droid, IG-11, to protect Baby Yoda at all costs. It makes sense to name the creature after the one who saved him.

What if the title of the show is referring to Baby Yoda, not Din Djarin?

One fan suggested that the producers are throwing us off by making us think that Din Djarin is The Mandalorian. Could it be that Baby Yoda is what the title is referring to? During the season 1 finale episode, we see that the Child is a now a foundling of Djarin and that he will train him to become a Mandalorian. 

“I love that idea,” wrote another Redditor. “Maybe Baby Mando can grow up to be the next Mandalorian Jedi and be a peacekeeper while helping restore the Mandalorian’s home.”

Fans will go wild if we see the little creature get his own set of Mandalorian armor made of beskar. Think of the array of memes that will come out when he tests out his jetpack for the first time. It might be the perfect addition to the series. 

While this theory does not come with an exact name for Baby Yoda, it does indicate that he will get his name when he officially becomes a Mandalorian.

Yiddle, his name will be

For many years, Star Wars fans believed that Yoda was the only member of his species left in the entire galaxy. However, the release of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace introduced viewers to Jedi Master Yaddle. 

One rule of the Jedi is that they are not allowed to marry or have children. Therefore, it is not likely that Baby Yoda is Yaddle and Yoda’s Child. Not to mention, the timelines do not exactly line up. However, if the two did somehow secretly have an infant, fans speculate its name might be Yiddle. 

Other fans note that if the creature is not a child of Yoda and Yaddle, its name could still be Yiddle. The name might signify the common theme with naming a creature of this species. 

Whether Baby Yoda’s name is Kuill, Yiddle, or an official Mandalorian name, he will still be the cutest meme to hit social media since Baby Shark. Catch more episodes of The Mandalorian when the series returns to Disney+ fall 2020. 

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