‘The Many Saints of Newark’: Why Actor Michael Gandolfini Will Only Do 1 More Sequel

At last, the curtains opened for fans to see The Many Saints of Newark featuring Michael Gandolfini as Tony Soprano. Christopher Moltisanti narrated this jaunt into the past, highlighting his father Dickie’s gangster vs. saint inner conflict and Tony’s teenage admiration. Young Tony didn’t take center stage, but the film’s ending left many feeling like there’s more story to be explored in the prequel world. Could it happen with Gandolfini on deck? The actor weighed in.

[Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers for The Many Saints of Newark]

Alessandro Nivola as Dickie Moltisanti and Michael Gandolfini as Tony Soprano in ‘The Many Saints of Newark’
‘The Many Saints of Newark’ with Michael Gandolfini and Alessandro Nivola | Warner Bros. Pictures

‘The Many Saints of Newark’ found Tony Soprano grieving his mentor

The Sopranos fans finally learned how Dickie Moltisanti stepped up to look out for Tony when Johnny Boy went to the big house. As an advisor, he told Tony not to do crime at school, but he also sent a mixed message when he gifted him stolen goods.

However, as Livia pointed out, Dickie was the only person Tony heeded. It hurt his feelings when Dickie cut off communication, and then Dickie died before they reconciled.

The final scene in Many Saints with Tony standing over Dickie’s casket left so many questions — for him and the viewers. No one saw Tony enter the gate into gangster-hood, and no one knows the intricacies behind Johnny and Junior’s dynamic after Dickie’s death. A part 2 to this film could answer them.

Michael Gandolfini only wants to play Tony for a little while

In an interview with UPROXX, Gandolfini discussed whether he’d want to reprise his role. He has his limits.

“This is such an incredible character and incredible group of actors and incredible filmmakers that I learned so much,” he said.

“But I am not so much interested in playing 30-year-old Tony. I think it there’s an interesting part after this movie, before the show, that we can explore something about Tony that hasn’t been explored, in his youth, in his 20s. After that, we’re getting a little too old. My dad really explored and David explored everything about that. So is there a time limit around other movies? No, not so much. But the older I get, there is a cutoff where it just naturally goes into the show.”

Creator David Chase just inked a new deal with HBO

The Many Saints of Newark dropped on Oct. 1, 2021 more than 20 years after David Chase introduced the world to The Sopranos. With that in mind, it’s his original creation that spawned the new film. But does he have another related installment in the tank? It’s possible, as he just signed a fresh, first-look deal with HBO.

According to Variety, Chase inked a five-year agreement to develop new content for HBO, HBO Max, and Warner Bros. During various promo interviews for Many Saints, he’s hinted that he’d be game for a different story in the Sopranos universe under the right circumstances. Perhaps that means that Gandolfini will have at least one more chance to execute Tony’s Jersey accent on screen.

The Many Saints of Newark is playing in theaters and on HBO Max, and fans can stream The Sopranos on the platform.

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