‘The Masked Singer’: Why Fans Are Convinced the Rhino Is John Travolta

The Masked Singer fans love a challenge. And this season, the show is bringing the mystery of the mask to a whole new level. However, there is one identity viewers believe they’ve figured out. After analyzing his clues, fans think The Rhino is a certified Hollywood legend. 

The Rhino on The Masked Singer
The Rhino on The Masked Singer | FOX

The Rhino’s clues revealed on ‘The Masked Singer’ so far

The Masked Singer has intrigued and entertained fans for three seasons now. With the mystery behind its colorful and outlandish costumes, musical performances, dancing, and swoon-worthy celebrity contestants, the show has kept viewers on the edge of their seats. 

By now, fans know they need to pay attention to every hint on the show. From costume details to song choices, almost every aspect of the competition hides a clue. And then, of course, there is the clue package, which drops vague hints about the contestant’s identity.

So far, The Rhino has revealed a number of clues that could reveal his identity. First off, he wears a pilot’s jacket and goggles and is over 6 feet tall. In his clue package, he says might look “tough and callous,” but is really just a “gentle giant.”

He appears to have a thing for motorcycles and suggests that he was very successful in his younger years, but that he “crashed and burned.” The Rhino also has some kind of connection to the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee.

Fans think he’s a Hollywood legend

Just when The Masked Singer fans think they’ve seen their biggest celebrity, the show manages to bring out names so legendary that audiences are left in shock. This season alone, two music icons were unmasked — Chaka Khan and Dionne Warwick. And last season, the show featured celebrities like Paul Shaffer, Patti Labelle, and Seal. 

As far as The Rhino is concerned, after carefully analyzing his clue package, fans are pretty sure he’s none other than Hollywood legend John Travolta. The actor is both tall and a pilot, and yes, he can definitely sing. 

Travolta had a number of highly successful films when he was younger, including iconic movies like Grease and Saturday Night Fever. His nod to Nashville could be a hint about his country-music inspired movie, Urban Cowboy. And that whole bit about crashing and burning could refer to a 1992 incident in which he almost crashed his plane into another. 

Some fans are sure The Rhino is Travolta, and they’ve been airing their predictions on Twitter. “Am I the only one that thinks the Rino is John Travolta?” tweeted one fan. “Some of the package made sense for John Travolta, but that voice is pretty good,” wrote another Twitter user.

Who else ‘The Masked Singer’ fans think The Rhino could be

But not all viewers are convinced The Rhino is Travolta. Because he sang “Have a Little Faith in Me” with a perfect country twang, some fans think he might be a country singer like Tim McGraw, Trace Adkins, or Keith Urban.

Depending on how well The Rhino does in the coming weeks, it might be a while before fans finally get to see him unmasked. Until then, it’s anyone’s guess.