‘The Masked Singer’ Fans Are Convinced the Turtle Is Jesse McCartney

The Masked Singer has revealed some major celebrities this season. And now that the competition is coming into its final weeks, fans can’t wait to see who else is unmasked. One of the most popular contestants this season is the Turtle, and after the last episode, fans are convinced he’s none other than ’90s heartthrob, Jesse McCartney. 

The Masked Singer - The Turtle
The Masked Singer – The Turtle | FOX/Getty Images

The Turtle’s clues revealed on ‘The Masked Singer’ so far

From the very first time the Turtle took the stage, fans knew he was something special. Not only can he sing, but he is also an amazing performer with major dance skills and a lot of upbeat energy. 

But along with his killer performances, the Turtle’s clue packages contain a variety of helpful hints about his true identity. He has revealed that he has a connection to surfing and is passionate about food and cooking. The Turtle noted that when he started his career, he was “surrounded by other hungry newcomers,” but he now wants to “rebel.” 

In his latest clue package, the Turtle said that he’s “hardcore about being the best” and that he trained hard for all his performances. He told the judges that he’s not known for just one thing, implying he’s multitalented. For his super clue, the Turtle presented a comic book with a price label of $10.13. 

‘The Masked Singer’ fans think the Turtle is Jesse McCartney

After hearing the Turtle sing and breaking down his clues, some viewers think they pinned down his identity. Many believe he is All My Children star and Dream Street singer, Jesse McCartney. For starters, viewers felt they recognized his voice right away. 

“That Turtle is Jesse McCartney,” one fan tweeted. “I recognize that falsetto like it’s 2004.”

In his clue package, the Turtle shows a clue about surfing, which could be a nod to McCartney’s role on the WB series, Summerland. He also reveals a chalkboard with the sentence “Don’t Rave Ever At My School —Turtle.” When you put the first letter of each word in the sentence together, it spells “Dream St,” which is the name of McCartney’s ’90s boy band.

The Turtle also mentioned that he spent a morning with judge Nicole Scherzinger, which could be a hint to the time McCartney was on a morning show with the singer. Fans think the comic-book super clue is a nod to McCartney’s role voicing Robin on the animated series, Young Justice. And one fan pointed out that the “$10.13” price on the comic book could reference his initials, J and M, which are the 10th and 13th letters of the alphabet.

Who else viewers think the Turtle could be

While Jesse McCartney is a great guess for the Turtle, not all viewers are convinced that’s who he is.

“Everyone still guessing the turtle is Jesse McCartney but is big brains know it’s def Drake Bell,” wrote one Twitter fan.

“I know the internet says the Turtle is Jesse Mccartney, but I want it to be Joey McIntyre so badly,” another fan tweeted.

Other popular guesses include Zac Efron, Drew Lachey, and Nick Lachey.