‘The Masked Singer’: Fans Think the T-Rex is Jojo Siwa

The Masked Singer loves to keep fans guessing. And this season, the show is really ramping up the celebrity mystery. But there is one contestant viewers believe they’ve figured out. After piecing together all of her clues, fans think they’ve nailed down T-Rex’s identity. 

T-Rex - The Masked Singer
T-Rex – The Masked Singer | FOX/Getty Images

T-Rex’s clues revealed on ‘The Masked Singer’ so far

For three seasons, The Masked Singer has kept fans on the edge of their seats. With its over-the-top costumes, grand musical performances, and shocking celebrity reveals, the show continues to keep viewers engaged.

But, by now, fans know that they have to pay attention to every tiny detail. From costume choice to songs, every aspect of the competition highlights one piece of the puzzle. But the most telling parts are the contestants’ clue packages, which are full of hints about the celebrities’ lives. 

So far, the T-Rex has mentioned a number of details that could help reveal her true identity. For starters, she’s tall. And she wears a bright red dinosaur costume with a Shakespearean hat. 

“Like the dinosaur, I was discovered by another, who plucked me out of obscurity and into an extraordinary place called T-Rex Island,” she says in her clue package. “A magical world where I was one of a dozen talented creatures pirouetting the land, all similar in looks, strength, and skill. A sisterhood of fun and friends.”

T-Rex adds that a cataclysmic event changed her world forever. In the clip, a paper with the directions North and West are shown, as is a a “U” shaped balloon, and a bow and arrow. And in her episode 8 clue package, she says that she had to try to survive and doesn’t want to be a “one-hit-wonder.”” 

‘The Masked Singer’ fans think they know who T-Rex is

From music legends to comedians, The Masked Singer always features a variety of contestants. So far this season, the show has unmasked notable celebrities like Sarah Palin, Bella Thorne, Chaka Khan, Drew Carey, and Dionne Warwick.

However, after analyzing T-Rex’s clues, many fans are convinced she is Youtube star, Jojo Siwa. Her T-Rex Island hint in the clue package could be a nod to her time as a dancer on the reality show, Dance Moms.

The North and West clue could be a hint about the video she made with Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West’s daughter, North. And her statement about being a one-hit-wonder could refer to her 2016 single, “Boomerang.”

“T-Rex is JoJo Siwa! That was way too obvious…idk how they didn’t get that from the 1st second… Her voice still sounds like her…and the energy level… The YouTube reference and her face being everywhere. The group of sisters (Dance Moms) come on,” wrote one Twitter user

“The T-Rex is Jojo Siwa, the way she pronounces her R’s and just the overall energy!” another viewer tweeted

There are still a few weeks left in the competition. And if T-Rex keeps bringing the same exciting energy week-to-week, it might be a while before fans see her unmasked.