‘The Masked Singer’: Fans Think They’ve Nailed the Pink Monster

Season three of The Masked Singer premiered after the Super Bowl on Feb. 2, and it already kicked off with the unmasking of one superstar artist. Six new contestants were introduced last night, and the audience was blown away when Robot was revealed to be Lil Wayne.

Now, it seems like this season is setting up to be full of more uber famous celebrities as the weeks go on. As the elaborate costumes and performances rolled out, so did the commencement of the guessing game.

Miss Monster has people riled up and fans believe they already know who she is. She’s pink, has a hair bow, and one of her clues is hairspray. Here are some of the most popular predictions for her so far.

Miss Monster on 'The Masked Singer'
Miss Monster on ‘The Masked Singer’ | YouTube/The Masked Singer

Lady Gaga

We’re not sure why, but there’s a batch of fans who think the pink monster is representing the queen of the little monster fandom, Lady Gaga. She tends to go big with her hair and she’s performed at the Super Bowl (one of the clues). Her voice isn’t raspy, but she is a powerful singer.

Tina Turner

Another guess is legendary singer Tina Turner, who has rocked big hair—thus justifying the hairspray clue—and she too sang during the Super Bowl in 2000. A fair amount of people on The Masked Singer’s Twitter account believe she is behind Miss Monster’s mask due to the singing style and body movements.  

But do the clues line up? As TVLine points out, a key, and the numbers 10 and 11 are also pieces of the puzzle. But Miss Monster’s other clues are strong eye contact, and she said, “It didn’t take long for me to be misunderstood.For many, those don’t add up for Turner in spite of the soulful voice, and some mention that Turner no longer performs.

Missy Elliott

The standout comment about being “misunderstood” seems to indicate to some fans that the singer is Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliott. However, Miss Monster also asked, “Will you still love me?” leading some to believe it’s a reference to the song, “Why I Still Love You.” The track—which she wrote—was on her 2019 album, Iconology.

Not everyone knows that in addition to being a rapper, producer, and songwriter, Elliott is a singer. Her hairdos switch up on a massive scale when it comes to her creative—and sometimes wild—music videos, so this guess isn’t as farfetched as it may seem to some people. And how about she stepped out with Katy Perry for the Super Bowl in 2015?

An overwhelming majority believe this singer is the one

Out of all the theories tossed out at this early stage, a large number of viewers are confident that Miss Monster is the great Chaka Khan. Like the others, she’s performed at the Super Bowl, but she also has 10 Grammys, linking to the number 10 clue.

However, the ones who are naming Khan as the singer are operating strictly on the sound of her voice and like Lil Wayne, feel they know without a doubt that it’s her. Tune in for the next episode of The Masked Singer on Wednesday, Feb. 5.