‘The Masked Singer’ Is So Popular They Had to Turn Down Celebrities

The Masked Singer is quickly becoming one of the most popular singing competition shows of all time. This unique competition show is based on the South Korean show called King of Masked Singer. South Koreans have loved the show for years and it didn’t take long for Americans to fall in love with it as well. 

As it turns out, the show is not just popular with the millions of fans all over the country, it is also popular with many Americans celebrities.

There have been reports that there is actually a long line of celebrities that are hoping to be able to be one of the contestants on the show.

So, is the show so popular that the Masked Singer actually had to turn down some celebrities?

Why is ‘The Masked Singer’ so popular?

A performer onstage on The Masked Singer
“The Thingamajig” participates in a runway show for the premiere of Fox’s “The Masked Singer” Season 2 | Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

The Masked Singer is unlike any other shows that Americans have ever seen before. The executive producer of the show, Craig Plestis, said that he first saw the King of Masked Singer when he was at a Thai restaurant and it was playing on the TV there. Everyone in the restaurant had their eyes glued to the TV, watching a foreign celebrity singing a song while dressed up in a goofy costume.

From the first moment he saw the show, he knew he wanted to make an American adaptation of it.

When it first premiered on the Fox network in February of this year, audiences all over the country were instantly obsessed with the show. Every week of the first season, millions of fans would discuss and try to guess who each mystery celebrity contestant was.

The unique concept is what has made this show so engaging and more entertaining than any other singing competition show. Fans definitely get excited when they see celebrities like Terry Bradshaw, Ricki Lake, Tori Spelling stepping out of their comfort zones and giving it their all to perform a song.

Do a lot of celebrities want to be on the show?

Recently, Extra caught up with one of the celebrity judges on the show, Jenny McCarthy. The interviewer had talked to McCarthy about how more elaborate the costumes are this year compared to last season. McCarthy credited the better costumes on the show’s success.

Because the ratings are so high, the show was able to afford better costumes that are more detailed and beautiful.

McCarthy also said that another thing that is better this year is the number of celebrities that want to do the show. “There were so many celebrities that wanted to be on the show that they actually had to turn some down,” McCarthy said.

McCarthy also went on to say that just like last season, fans will be shocked when they see some of the contestants take off their masks. “[Fans] will be surprised by some of these people who aren’t singers who come on to debut their voice. Shocked again,” The Donnie Loves Jenny co-star said.

Apparently, the show felt kind of bad about having to turn away celebrities because, this season, there will be a few more contestants on the show than there was last season. 

How long will ‘The Masked Singer’ be on the air?

It is hard to say for sure how many more seasons we can expect to see our favorite celebrities dress up as lions and butterflies while singing a chart-topping song. Fox has announced that they will be renewing the show for a third season, however.

And if the massive positive feedback that the show is getting from both fans and celebrities is any indication, then we assume that it will continue to stay on the air for many more seasons to come.