‘The Masked Singer’: The One Judge Fans Can’t Stand

It seems all reality show judging panels are more or less uniform when it comes to how they interact and what they do to keep things entertaining. The judges on The Masked Singer are a little different since they aren’t critiquing a singing contestant and doing more basic reasoning on who the celebrity in question might be.

Because this is a reality show, you can also expect a bit of situation writing. The judges often try to guess celebrities who are obviously way off base based on the costume clues. Whether it’s done on purpose or not is debatable, but you can see why they do it to throw viewers off into confusion.

Out of all four judges on The Masked Singer, which one seems the least liked to viewers? Unfortunately, there is one, though it’s not necessarily for her judging performance.

Ken Jeong and Robin Thicke are well-liked by fans

You’ll find some people who find Ken Jeong a little bit over-the-top in his “let’s play dumb” guesses of who the masked celebrity singer is. Then again, he does provide many funny moments.

Plus, we all know he’s still one of the most energetically hilarious entertainers out there. Without Jeong on the show, you could argue the judging panel would be flat and turned into a straight-faced panel as you’d see in a retro episode of What’s My Line?

And, as controversial as Robin Thicke has been — particularly his old Blurred Lines fiasco — he’s bringing a lot more respectability to the panel. His insight into recognizing singing voices adds a more believable quality to the show. He hasn’t done one thing on the show you could deem annoying and just adding intelligence rather than flailing in the wind making wild guesses.

Nicole Scherzinger is perhaps the most likable of all, thanks to always being scandal-free and not acting crazy just for the sake of reality show theatrics.

What about Jenny McCarthy?

Jenny McCarthy on season 17 of ABC's 'The View.'
Jenny McCarthy | Lou Rocco/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Nobody can deny Jenny McCarthy is very ubiquitous lately. She’s virtually everywhere you look, including doing red carpet work for Fox during the Emmys.

Despite all of McCarthy’s employment, she still gets considerable flak for her anti-vax stance. Her unrelenting views on this are never brought up when she’s working, yet they still haunt her on places like social media where people openly unleash about the issue.

Because of McCarthy’s stand on vaccination and a controversial interview she gave to Christina Applegate during the recent Emmy red carpet, some viewers have soured on her being a part of The Masked Singer.

Not that many don’t already know she’s a bit off the wall in her usual interview style. Her comment about wanting to grow up to be like Applegate during the time of Married With Children flummoxed viewers when you remember they’re only a year apart in age. Defenders may say McCarthy was being deliberately irreverent.

‘The Masked Singer’ doesn’t have to deal with public opinion

There’s no way to gauge exactly how people really feel about McCarthy on The Masked Singer unless you go by criticism from the media and what’s found on social media. Viewers may be accepting her on The Masked Singer because there really isn’t much anyone can say to change anything.

To be fair, McCarthy doesn’t use the panel to air her anti-vax views or to promote herself in any way. So far, she’s done the job well and manages to have good chemistry with her fellow judges.

Some people in the industry clearly support McCarthy since she keeps being employed in dozens of places. Also, with The Masked Singer pulling in big ratings, she’s likely going to be in the judging chair for a long time.

Reddit users have said she picked the show because she knew it would be a hit. If you don’t agree with her views on life, at least you know she has an acuity in choosing the right work projects.