‘The Matrix’: The Real Reason They Wear Sunglasses

The Matrix, written and directed by the Wachowski sisters, boasts excellent aesthetics. More than two decades later, the Sci-Fi franchise continues to attract conspiracies. The latter is probably due to the complex ideas presented within the film and the futuristic filming that was unfamiliar at the time of its release. An aspect of the film that has been highly debated is why the cast members wear sunglasses throughout the film.

Fan dressed as Morpheus with sunglasses
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The classic that is ‘The Matrix’

When it came out in 1999, audiences were immediately enthralled by the classic that was The Matrix. The film had some form of crossover appeal as the filming took on a visionary approach. Besides, it presents some of the most profound questions humanity has had. It takes on intimacy, love, and relationship and offers them within a setting that allows audiences to detach themselves and genuinely reflect on said topics.

The Matrix continues to be an international sensation. It would not be completely outrageous to go all out and claim that the film is the greatest Sci-Fi movie ever made. The unsuspecting audiences are taken on a journey that has everyone question whether the world we live in is an actual complex simulation.

The effect they wanted to create by having the characters wear glasses

It would be unwise to think that any part of The Matrix was unplanned or unintentional. This is true for the set, story, and characters. Audiences immediately notice that the renegades and the agents are clad in futuristic leather outfits and wear badass sunglasses. These sunglasses hide the cast eyes while reflecting those who are looked at.

According to Looper, the sunglasses are meant to sell the idea that the cast is viewing a filtered reality. Audiences will notice that there are scenes in which the cast members wear the glasses, and some remove these. A popular interpretation is that by doing so, audiences can recognize when the futuristic cast goes in and out of the Matrix.

An alternate interpretation is that the directors used the sunglasses to represent some form of rebellion. You will notice that throughout the film, the agents seem to wear sunglasses predominantly. As humans become more aware of what the Matrix is, some take up wearing said sunglasses. This can be seen as a sign of rebellion against the agents seen as the oppressors throughout the movie.  

Upcoming sequel

Initially, Warner Bros had announced that The Matrix 4 would be released earlier this year at the end of May. Unfortunately, the pandemic necessitated the change of the release dates to April 1, 2022. Fans were delighted when this date was moved forward to December of this year. Like the other installations by the franchise, the sequel is expected to be available for streaming for a whole month from the moment it is released.

As expected, the fan base has been rife with conspiracies about what the sequel will be like. From the trailer, it is apparent that Neo and Trinity are resurrected. What’s more, Morpheus, the Zion operator who serves within the city’s defense forces, makes a comeback.


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There have been rumors that the franchise will be taking on new cast members. This is following the departure of Laurence Fishburne and Hugo Weaving, who played Morpheus and the antagonist, Agent Smith, respectively. This new cast is expected to include Mindhunter and Frozen star Jonathan Groff and Iron Fist actor Jessica Henwick. Additionally, Ellen Hollman, the leading man on Spartacus, is reported to have joined the cast.