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BTS really, really, really, really miss ARMY and it shows. On March 20 and March 21, some of the BTS members took to Weverse to talk to fans and it was incredibly entertaining.

BTS | Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM

Jimin posted sweet messages to BTS fans on Weverse

On March 20, Jimin posted multiple messages on Weverse. Around the world, countries are struggling with the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Jimin’s heartfelt posts inspired fans and reminded them how much BTS love them.

The BTS singer posted a photo with the caption “i love you so so much and i miss you.”

He also posted two longer messages about how much he misses ARMY.

“truly you all must be feeling this even more than us, but i miss you so much we’ll prepare even harder to show you all an even better ‘us’/an even better [performance] thank you always,” he wrote according to an online translation.

Another post of Jimin’s read, “but everyone, the thing is we see each other, we have fun and we’re happy, right that’s all only possible when we’re healthy & not hurting you know, right? i hope we can always be happy, and we can all be happy truly everyone will face tough times and we all may not be understood by you all, but i hope we could be even of the slightest bit of comfort and happiness i’m always thankful, and i’ll come to meet you all on vlive soon i’m always thankful.”

V posted a picture and then deleted it

On Weverse, V spent a lot of time entertaining BTS fans. One BTS fan asked V to post a selfie on Weverse, and he said he would. He then posted a blurred shirtless selfie with the caption “30 seconds…” and the smirk emoji.

After a few seconds, he deleted the post, but the screenshots from ARMY on Weverse were spread throughout Twitter. V then posted another selfie telling fans he was reading their posts, and he spent some time commenting on fans’ posts. His effort to interact with and cheer up fans was greatly appreciated.

“so the reason why taehyung is so active on weverse is because he knows we’re having a hard time with corona virus & he wants us to feel better by interacting with us since he doesn’t know any other way? we don’t deserve him at all fr tho,” one fan tweeted.

J-Hope and Jin logged into Weverse

The chaos caused by V continued when J-Hope and Jin started posting on Weverse. J-Hope commented on some of the members’ Weverse posts, and then posted that he had a scary dream. He then told ARMY that he had his first Pilates class at lunch.

Then Jin logged into Weverse. One fan posted that they missed J-Hope, and Jin commented that he drank with J-Hope the day before, but after half a can of beer J-Hope got too hot and stopped drinking. This revelation of course cheered up BTS fans around the world.

“seokjin calling hobi out for being a lightweight and saying hobi had half a can of beer and started saying he felt hot and stopped pls this man is so endearing,” a fan tweeted.

“Hobi about jin today: JIN IS THE BEST HYUNG AND I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT HIM !!! Jin about Hobi today: lol did you know what a lightweight he is,” one BTS fan joked on Twitter.