The Moment Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Public Image Changed Forever

Just about every relationship has a defining point. Couples who are seriously involved can usually recall the moment that they knew they were with the person that they wanted to spend forever with.

Whether it be that a certain song was being played, a meaningful look was exchanged, or something sentimental was said, it is a special event that couples look on with fond memories. 

Prince William and Kate Middleton may be the future king and queen consort, but that doesn’t mean that their relationship does not have specific milestones. As heir to the throne, it is not too often that we see William engaging in tender moments with Kate.

It was years ago that William had a special event in his life, while his then-girlfriend Kate looked on proudly and with love. So, what was the moment that Prince William and Kate Middleton’s public image changed forever?

William and Kate live in the spotlight

Kate Middleton and Prince William
Prince William and Kate Middleton | Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

From the time that William and Kate began dating in college, royal fans just couldn’t get enough of them. Everyone was interested in the details of their relationship, waiting to see what would happen next. As the heir to the British throne, the members of the public couldn’t wait to see where William and Kate’s relationship went.

In fact, after everyone knew that William and Kate were in a serious relationship, Hello! reports that Kate suddenly found herself being followed by swarms of photographers on a daily basis, something that she was not at all used to. 

Inside William and Kate’s breakup

Being the girlfriend of the second in line to the throne is not as easy as it sounds. After getting increasingly closer with William over the course of a few years, Kate began to understand what the pressure of royal life was all about. William began to worry about the fact that Kate was dealing with the stress of their relationship, and he began to have doubts about everything.

According to Harper’s Bazaar, the young prince called Kate while she was at work, and told her that he didn’t think the relationship would ultimately work out and that it “wasn’t fair” to her. Luckily, the breakup didn’t last too long, and the couple eventually realized that they wanted to be together. 

Kate attends William’s important event

When Prince William became an official pilot and received his RAF Wings from his father, Prince Charles, Kate Middleton was present for the event. It is natural that Will’s girlfriend was there for this extremely important time in his life, and under any other circumstances, most people wouldn’t even think twice about her attending.

However, according to The Telegraph, it was the first formal event that Kate attended with William since their high-profile 2007 breakup, and her presence definitely convinced fans that they were closer than ever.

Was this the moment that changed their public image?

It appears that it was! William and Kate had not been photographed at a formal event in a few years, and her attending this important event pretty much guaranteed that she was a permanent fixture in Will’s life.

The RAF Wings event was quite a huge deal – other guests included Camilla Parker-Bowles, William’s stepmother, and Lady Sarah McCorquodale, Princess Diana’s sister.

Kate appeared to feel completely comfortable and right at home with the members of the royal family, and she had a genuine smile and relaxed demeanor as she and William walked past the photographers looking as happy as can be.

It is wonderful that Kate was able to be there to share such a special time in William’s life, and that their public image took hold at this time.