The Moment Princess Diana Lost All Hope About Saving Her Marriage To Prince Charles

Princess Diana felt like a prisoner while married to Prince Charles. She was trapped in a passionless marriage, where her husband was desperately in love with another woman (Camilla Parker Bowles.) Yet despite all odds, the idealistic Diana never gave up hope.

She still loved her husband and wanted their marriage to work. But 10 years into their union, a tragic incident occurred, which left the Princess of Wales heartbroken. It was so devastating for Diana that it caused her to give up all hope about saving their marriage.

Lady Diana Spencer and Prince Charles
Lady Diana Spencer and Prince Charles | John Downing/Getty Images

Princess Diana didn’t want to marry Prince Charles after learning about Camilla Parker Bowles

At first, Diana was utterly ecstatic about marrying the prince. Yet when she discovered that her future husband was in love with a woman, she wanted to call the wedding off. “I can’t marry him,” she told her sisters, according to her official biography. “I can’t do this. This is absolutely unbelievable.”

Princess Diana and Prince Charles
Lady Diana Spencer and Prince Charles, Prince of Wales pose outside Buckingham Palace | rota/Anwar Hussein/Getty Images

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Yet her sisters convinced her into it, saying it was “too late to chicken out.”

And although they made light of the situation, her wedding day was one of the darkest moments of her life. “I felt I was a lamb to the slaughter,” she said. “I knew I couldn’t do anything about it.”

Yet despite her fears, she was still in love with her groom. “I remember being so in love with my husband that I couldn’t take my eyes off him,” she revealed in her biography. “I absolutely thought I was the luckiest girl in the world.”

Princess Diana and Prince Charles
Princess Diana and Prince Charles | Princess Diana Archive/Getty Images

But even so, Diana kept her eye out for Camilla while walking down the aisle with Charles.

“As I walked up the aisle, I was looking for her (Camilla,)” she confessed. “I knew she was in there, of course. I looked for her.”

The moment Princess Diana gave up all hope about saving her marriage to Prince Charles

Prince Charles & Princess Diana
Prince Charles and Princess Diana 1981 | Royalty Stone Peter/Getty Images

Diana and Charles suffered a loveless marriage for a whole decade. But, somehow, Diana was able to hang onto hope that they’d one day work things out. Yet that all changed when she found a stack of love letters exchanged between her husband and Camilla.

“I hate not being able to tell you how much I love you,” Camilla wrote to Charles. As Diana confessed in her tell-all book, Camilla also wrote about “how much she longed to be with him and that she was his forever.” Diana said, “I particularly remember one vivid passage that read: ‘My heart and body both ache for you.'”

Camilla And Prince Charles
Prince Charles And Camilla Parker Bowles | Tim Graham/Getty Images

As her biography reports, this was the moment when she knew her marriage was “doomed.”

“Diana realized, after reading this cache of correspondence, that any hopes she might have harbored of saving her 10-year-marriage were utterly doomed.”

Princess Diana was considered an ’embarrassment’ for worrying about Camilla Parker Bowles

Lady Diana Spencer
Lady Diana Spencer (1961 – 1997) and Princess Margaret (1930 – 2002) | Central Press/Getty Images

Princess Diana was gaslighted into thinking she was crazy for her suspicions about Camilla. According to her tell-all book, friends of Charles considered Diana “unstable” for her fears, insisting “time after weary time that Camilla was just a friend.”

“Friends on my husband’s side were indicating that I was again unstable, sick, and should be put in a home of some sort in order to get better. I was almost an embarrassment.”

But of course, her suspicions were indeed correct, and Camilla and Charles have been married since 2005.