‘The Morning Show’: Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon Discuss Where Season 2 Will Pick Back up for Their Characters

Season 1 of The Morning Show ended on a shocking cliffhanger. Fans were left wondering what is next for Alex, Bradley, and the rest of the network. Luckily, the wait to find out is almost over. Apple TV+ will release the first episode of season 2 tomorrow. Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon discussed where their characters are at after the shocking season 1 finale.

Alex and Bradley sit across from each other at a small dinner table. Alex wears a grey overcoat and Bradley wears a black blazer.
‘The Morning Show’ season 2 | Apple TV+

‘The Morning Show’ season 1 recap

A lot went down in the first season of The Morning Show, so a recap might help fans prepare for season 2. First, a popular morning talk show is thrown into chaos when co-anchor Mitch Kessler is fired for allegations of sexual misconduct. Conservative reporter Bradley Jackson is later brought onto The Morning Show to be interviewed by Alex Levy due to a viral video of her at a protest. After realizing that her demands for her contract will not be met, Alex announces Bradley as the new co-anchor of The Morning Show.

As Bradley slowly rises in popularity, more and more information about Mitch’s sexual misconduct comes to light, including the network’s cover-up of Hannah’s sexual assault in Las Vegas. In the finale, everyone is shocked to learn that Hannah has died of an overdose. While on air, Alex and Bradley expose UBA for covering up sexual misconduct. They encourage more women to come forward as the broadcast is disconnected.

Alex and Bradley are in different places at the start of season 2

Things will undoubtedly be different in season 2. Alex is no longer on The Morning Show at the start of the season. “In season 2, we meet Alex in a very serene place,” Aniston told Apple TV+. The trailer shows Alex hiding out in a snowy and isolated cabin. “I think she had to get out of the chaos,” Aniston continued.

However, things won’t stay calm with Alex for long. The trailer also shows her giving in to Cory’s plea to return to the show. “I think she believes that she can bring this newfound integrity into the old devil-she-knows of The Morning Show,” Aniston told People. “And it’s just not as easy, I think, as she expected.”

While Alex has taken a step back from work at the start of season 2, Bradley has done the opposite. “Bradley steps into a position where she’s trying to play the game; she’s trying to get ahead,” Witherspoon told Apple TV+. “Bradley becomes the number one lead anchor, and she thinks she’s in control.”

Julianna Margulies joins the cast of The Morning Show as Laura Peterson, a hard-hitting journalist who becomes a kind of mentor for Bradley. “When Bradley meets her, it’s just hero worship. She’s just this larger-than-life character,” Witherspoon said to Apple TV+. It looks like Laura will be a pretty important character in season 2.

Where to watch ‘The Morning Show’ season 2

Apple TV+ will drop the first episode of season 2 of The Morning Show on Friday, Sept. 17. After that, a new episode will be available every following Friday. Season 2 will follow the first season’s example and end with 10 episodes in total. The new season will tackle issues such as the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and racial inequality in the workplace.

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