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Blake Shelton has been known to march to the beat of his own drum. Instead of following the latest trends to determine what is cool, Shelton has followed his own path and has defined the term “cool” in his own way.

There is no one else in the entertainment industry that is quite like Blake Shelton, and the Hell Right singer is definitely okay with that.

One thing that makes Shelton stand out from everyone else is his choice of pets. While other people may be buying cute little puppies and kittens, Shelton has chosen to have a more unconventional pet. Here is a look at the most bizarre pet Shelton has ever owned.

What strange pet did Blake Shelton own?

Blake Shelton performs onstage
Blake Shelton | Weiss Eubanks/NBCUniversal/NBCU Photo Bank

Shelton has always been a huge fan of the outdoors. And because of that, he has spent his entire life surrounded by different animals. According to Taste of Country, he was given an iguana by a fan.

Even though Shelton spent his childhood playing with snakes, lizards, and frogs, seeing an iguana jump out of a bag that a fan had given him was very terrifying to him.

Out of all of the pets that Shelton has had in his lifetime, one of his strangest pets was his pet turkey. The turkey’s name was Turkey and back in 2003, he told CMT that he takes his pet turkey with him on tour because he feels like he is obligated to show the turkey what the world has to offer.

“It’s because I feel a responsibility to my pet turkey, Turkey, to expose him to some different things in the world. Up until this point, he has been to Arkansas one time. He has also been to Oklahoma, which is where he was born, and now he lives in Tennessee. So, I feel like, without me, he doesn’t get to do things, and I feel a responsibility to show him the world.”

Does Blake Shelton still have Turkey?

Unfortunately, turkeys don’t have a long life expectancy. On average, wild turkeys live about three to five years. If the turkey is domesticated, it can live a little bit longer, but it is still not usually an animal that will live for decades.

Shelton’s turkey, Turkey, actually passed away back in 2003. However, he came up with a clever plan to make it look as if he had the pet for a lot longer. 

Last year, Shelton went on fellow country music singer Martina McBride’s podcast to talk about the pet turkey that he had over a decade ago. “It’s still hard to talk about my pet turkey because it’s dead,” Shelton had said. “I had several pet turkeys over the years, probably three of them. And I just kept renaming them ‘Turkey’ because I figured, they’re not going to live very long and this way it’ll seem like I’ve had a pet for 10 or 12 years.”

Although Shelton does miss his turkeys, he also admitted in the interview that sometimes his turkey could be a little mean, and often, his turkey would physically fight with him every time he tried to get into his truck.

Does Blake Shelton plan on having any more strange pets in the future?

Now that Shelton has settled down with his girlfriend, Gwen Stefani, and her three kids, it is probably safe to say that he won’t be getting anymore aggressive pets for a while. 

He currently has a dog named Betty that he first got back when he and Miranda Lambert were still married. And a couple of years ago, Stefani did buy a pet parrot for her sons.

Although parrots are definitely much different than turkeys, Shelton apparently still like the bird because he was actually the one who named it.