The Most Expensive Cars From ‘Fast & Furious’ Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Over the course of  10 movies and 20 years, The Fast & the Furious has taken viewers all over the world. The long-running franchise offers something a little different to fans each time, with the movies frequently striding the gaps between action, comedy, and classic buddy cop stories.

The films may have changed a lot over the years, but one thing that’s been true since 2001’s debut film is the full-scale visual feast that each movie contains for car lovers. No matter what a Fast & Furious film brings to the screen, fans can count on seeing some of the rarest and most expensive cars in the world in action.

A car buff’s dream

A supercar is used for a chase sequence during the filming of 'Fast and Furious'
‘Fast and Furious’ filming | Jonathan Brady/Getty Images

Every film of Fast & Furious has delivered an amazing array of rare and expensive cars at high speeds and high action. There are often too many awesome cars to have a minute to stop and just appreciate one. What’s more is that for each serious car that they have on-screen, there are likely four more waiting behind the camera to swap in should they be needed.

In the first film, the actors were taken aback by the amazing vehicles that they were being paid to drive. According to Style, Diesel fondly remembers showing up to set that first day to find walker driving test runs around Dodger Stadium, “and I remember us feeling like, this is going to be work? This is insane! We’re about to have more fun than we’ve ever had.”

In addition to seeing and playing with all the fancy toys, the set had any demolition derby fans on the set taken care of as well. Up to before F9 in 2019, the count on total cars destroyed in Fast & Furious was up to around 2000. This comes out to around $600 million of vehicles destroyed for the films.

The most expensive cars in Fast & Furious

Fast & Furious doesn’t exactly showcase a road full of early ’90s station wagons, so it can be pretty tough to pick what the most spectacular cars in the series are. If you’re looking at sticker price to rank cars from the franchise, the list gets a little dizzying very quickly.

Remember the 1965 Ford GT40 that the crew steals from the moving train at the beginning of Fast & Furious 5? According to Insider, while that sweet ride may cost around $500,000, it doesn’t even break into the top five of the most expensive cars in the series.

With cars like the 2010 Koenigsegg CCXR in the show, even the best cars may seem a little inadequate. While it only appears briefly in Fast & Furious 5, the car retails for $2.58 million, and that’s not even the top spot.

The most expensive car the films have featured is by far the 2013 W Motors Lykan Hypersport, costing $3.4 million, according to Top Speed. Fans will definitely remember this car from Fast and Furious 7 when Dom and Brian drive through three skyscrapers in this beauty. It’s fitting that one of the most over-the-top scenes in the films features the most expensive car from the entire saga, and that Diesel and Walker got to sit in it together just before Walker’s passing.

Fast and Furious is nothing less than an institution in the film-making world, and while it’s disappointing that the saga may finally come to an end in a few years, the stories will continue to be treasured for generations. The themes of family, loyalty and dedication that continually arise through Fast and Furious make for some great stories, and it never hurts that millions upon millions of dollars of cars make each film another beautiful dream for any car enthusiast.

End of an era

Many fans of The Fast & The Furious grew up watching the films. Few film franchises have the staying power to continually run for over 20 years, so fans of the show have more than a little to be thankful for.

Even with so much time spent getting to know Dom and the crew, fans probably couldn’t help be a little disappointed when Vin Diesel recently announced that the franchise would come to a conclusion in 2024 after two final films. “Every story deserves its ending,” the star said, according to Motor Authority. Diesel has been the heart and soul of the franchise ever since co-star Paul Walker’s tragic death in 2013.

While fans may want the story to go on forever, Diesel has been quite clear in the past that Fast & Furious was a special project to him because of his connection with the late Paul Walker. After the star’s unexpected car crash death on a break from production during the 7th film, it’s amazing that the cast and crew were able and willing to come back together and deliver more movies to honor Walker’s legacy.

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