The ‘Most Frightening One-Liner’ in the MCU Appears in Everyone’s Least Favorite Avengers Movie

Without a doubt, Marvel fans agree that Thanos is one of the best, if not the best, supervillain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Marvel dedicated over a decade of movies in order to build up Thanos, and fans also thought that he had an interesting and compelling backstory. With that said, one of the most frightening one-liners may not have even come from Thanos’ mouth, and in fact, it comes from the worst Avengers movie, Avengers: Age of Ultron

That movie had a lot of issues, and Ultron was one of them, but at the very least, he had some great lines. Here’s a look at Ultron’s frightening one-liner that Marvel fans just love to hear. 

A recap of ‘Age of Ultron’

Kevin Feige
Kevin Feige | Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney

Unlike Infinity War and Endgame, Marvel only had one movie in order to properly introduce Ultron and then have him get beaten by the Avengers. This was arguably one of the main reasons why the movie didn’t work, but it still had a lot of redeeming qualities. 

Ultron, like many things in the MCU, came from Tony Stark’s technology. Stark wanted to make a super smart computer that could become sentient, and unfortunately for him, that’s exactly what happened.

Stark created Ultron, and Ultron set out on his goal to destroy the world. Of course, Ultron fails, and he’s stopped by the other super smart computer program that Stark made, Vision.

The scary one-liner that Ultron delivers

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While Ultron was a completely CGI character, his voice actor, James Spader had a big job ahead of him since he needed to deliver his lines with the gravitas that any supervillain would have.

Spader did a great job at this, according to Marvel fans on Reddit, and his delivery of one particular line was especially chilling.

Ultron is a robot that can move his consciousness between different robot bodies. After the Avengers defeat the robot body that Ultron was in, he moves his consciousness to another. However, just before “dying,” Ultron said, “I had strings but now I’m free.”

This is a reference to a very upbeat and happy song that Pinocchio sings in his movie, but Spader’s performance made it sound extremely creepy and frightening.

Marvel played on this creepy aspect of Ultron in the marketing, too. In the trailers, Ultron said in his extremely spooky voice, “There are no strings on me.” However, Marvel decided to cut this scene out of the film, but at the very least, Marvel kept the other Pinocchio reference in the final film.

Can Ultron return to the MCU?

Marvel fans loved how creepy Ultron was in those scenes, but unfortunately, Ultron was not very creepy in the rest of the movie. This was ultimately another issue that Marvel fans had with Age of Ultron, since Ultron, in his other scenes, was a funner character despite being extremely creepy in others. 

As a result, some fans speculate that Marvel could bring Ultron back from the dead. At the end of the day, Ultron is very tough to kill, as his ability to move between bodies makes it hard for anyone to really finish the job.

This has allowed his character to come back from time to time in the comics since it’s simply very difficult to truly kill Ultron off for good. 

Marvel could do something similar with Ultron in the movies. Fans clearly loved Spader’s performance, but simply disliked how Ultron was written. As some fans speculate, it’s possible that Ultron will come back as a more bitter and evil version of himself.

This would be more accurate to the comic books, which is something that movie studios seem to be aiming for anyway.