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How people die in Marvel movies maybe doesn’t have a complete sense of finality about it, if still packing a punch when initial deaths do occur. The initial Snap in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, for instance, still brings an emotional wallop when viewed again and again.

This only shows death from the perspective of the superheroes, though. What about from the POV of those who had no idea the snap was occurring?

It turns out Clint Barton (aka Hawkeye) was one of The Avengers who had no awareness due to being temporarily retired. The scene of his family disappearing in the blink of an eye is now considered by fans to be one of the most haunting of all.

What does that mean for the future of other post-snap stories?

Did Clint Barton really not know about The Snap?

The cast of 'Avengers: Endgame'
The cast of ‘Avengers: Endgame’ | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney

There would be no way for Barton to know about the snap coming after he briefly retired from The Avengers to spend quality time with his family. Some might say having a blissful family life away from the encroaching chaos was a lot healthier from a mental and physical standpoint.

However, the horror of seeing the snap happen and not knowing all the details is technically worse. Starting Endgame with this scene also created a dark pall that affected viewers deeply.

As seen on Reddit recently, where someone noted how haunting the Barton family disappearance is, viewers really felt a sense of dread. After all, it showed Barton experiencing happy family normalcy teaching archery to his kids on his farm, only to find everyone suddenly vanished. The panic befalling him set the whole tone of the movie, not including the vindication by end.

Jeremy Renner was also not told about The Snap occurring during filming so his horrified reactions could be as genuine as possible.

Does that snap scene set up a possibility of a new show?

If everyone can agree Hawkeye’s family being dusted in a matter of seconds is the scariest opening scene in MCU history, what does it say about others on earth experiencing the snap? Hundreds of millions of people were probably in the same situation as Barton and clueless to what was going on.

While The Avengers were often in the news, no one really knows how many people were paying attention on a global scale. In the case of Barton, he apparently paid no attention to the potential of Thanos coming to earth to wipe out half of all civilization.

Maybe one could argue it seems impossible he never knew something about Thanos arriving. Then again, even in reality, some people refuse to own TV’s or watch the news because it makes them feel better not to.

Not knowing about the snap coming was maybe for the best in some cases. Yet, it also amplifies the fear of something unknown happening and not knowing for possibly hours or days what caused it. Fans note they want to see more of how people reacted to The Snap on an international scale.

An entire horror movie could be made about The Snap occurring


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Somewhere down the line, something will likely be done to show how the rest of the world dealt emotionally with losing well over a billion people. As someone noted on the above Reddit thread: “It was like the start of a horror film, with the thunder sounding in the distance as he stood frantic and confused in the empty field”.

Plenty of other scenarios likely exist where families were caught off guard by what happened. Other scenarios might be even scarier than the scene with Barton and his family.

If upcoming Falcon and the Winter Soldier seems to be dealing with the possible shock of bringing everyone back so suddenly, understanding how the world dealt with the snap may have more social insight. Hopefully such a show or movie would never prepare us for something happening similarly in our own reality.