The Most ‘Ridiculous’ Rumor About Beyoncé Might Also Be the One That Hurt Her the Most

Everything Beyoncé does is going to be subject to rumors and reckless claims from the small to large. From allegations about her ties to the Illuminati to rumors of her personal life, people love to speculate about the pop superstar’s life. Some of these are harmless, even humorous to the pop singer. However, one popular rumor about Beyoncé‘s personal life deeply affected the former Destiny’s Child singer. 

Beyonce’s rumor mill

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In a world of irresponsible conspiracy theories, few non-political figures are targets as much as Beyoncé. It’s been like this for several years and will likely continue being so for years to come. The rumors cover everything. After the singer gave birth to twins, people across the world took everything she did and ran it through a filter to discover any subtle clues regarding her children. 

Another popular rumor about Beyoncé has to do with her age. While she was just a young teenager when she entered the musical world, the Halo singer allegedly changed her age to compete with contemporaries like P!nk and Usher. Her father stoked these rumors in an interview with BET, although many still have to question why she’d still be lying over 20 years later.

From rumors of her sister, Solange, actually being her daughter to a torrid affair with former president Barack Obama, Beyoncé’s one of the biggest names in the world, and with it comes the crazy allegations. While it is easy to laugh off all these conspiracy theories, however, some make a more significant impact than others on her life — especially those that pertain to her motherhood. 

Beyoncé’s pregnancy hoax?

Beyoncé | Carlo Allegri/Getty Images

A popular rumor around the time that Beyoncé gave birth to eldest child Blue Ivy was that she wasn’t really pregnant, to begin with. Although the singer announced her pregnancy to the world at the VMAs, many thought that she used a surrogate as a means to preserve her famous good looks and avoid any undue pain on the body. 

These rumors were fed by allegations that the star and her husband made sure that the whole hospital floor where she gave birth was cleared of anybody and everybody who wasn’t involved. Unlike the surrogate rumors, there was some truth to these rumors. The coupe was paranoid about any possible paparazzi and likely tried to get anyone out who may try to capitalize, even to the detriment of other parents. 

However, this was likely a preventive measure for unwanted pictures and coverage more than it was a means to cover up any truth about the pregnancy. While the singer debuted a post-baby body not long after, she was photographed several times with a baby-bump leading up to the birth of Blue Ivy, so these rumors don’t shake out.

Regardless, personal rumors like these affected Beyoncé greatly. 

Being Beyonce

Beyoncé doesn’t have an easy life, regardless of fame and fortune. While it is easy to picture her life as perfect, the rumors about her, her children, her husband, and the rest of the family dwell on her. 

The podcast, Even the Rich, spoke on this, playing audio of the pop star talking about the effect those have on her.

“People see celebrities, and they seem like their life is great and they have money and fame and fans, and it’s almost like you can’t touch them” Beyoncé said (per Even the Rich). “But, I’m a human being. I cry. My feelings get hurt. I get scared. I get nervous. Just like everything else. “

Beyoncé’s mother, Tina, also spoke on the matter, claiming that the rumors about her childbirth hurt the family. 

“I thought it was very unfair and very cruel that someone would think that someone would be that diabolical to keep up a charade like that for nine months,” Tina told People (per WZAK). “As a mother it was painful for me to hear,” 

Beyoncé has a great life, but it’s filled with the same human emotions as everyone else. When we hear celebrity gossip, it’s easy to think that these celebrities are prone to the same things we are.

However, even with all the fame, glory, and riches, they are still human beings deep inside. Now with three kids, Beyoncé remains a mysterious symbol of greatness, and conspiracies that come with that show no signs of slowing down.