The ‘Most Satisfying Death’ In ‘Star Wars’ Isn’t in ‘The Rise of Skywalker’

Say what you will about The Rise of Skywalker, but the film provided a complete ending to the Star Wars Skywalker saga of films.

The heroes ended up on top, the villains were defeated (or returned to the light side of the Force), and the galaxy was at peace (again). While some fans liked Rise of Skywalker better than others, it did feature the demise of several important characters. But while this film had plenty of solid endings, it doesn’t feature the most satisfying death in the series.

According to some fans, that belongs to another character. But which one? 

How the Star Wars Skywalker saga concluded

Mark Hamill
Mark Hamill | Rich Fury/Getty Images

In Rise of Skywalker, we follow Rey on our journey to find and defeat her grandfather, Emperor Palpatine, as he’s returned from the dead. We also follow the other leaders of the Resistance as they attempt to take down the First Order.

Throughout the film, Rey communicates with Kylo Ren, who has also connected with Palpatine.

Kylo’s goal is to overthrow Palpatine with Rey so the two can rule the galaxy together. 

Eventually, Rey and Kylo do battle and Kylo is pulled back to the light by his mother, Leia. Rey kills Kylo, but brings him back to life using the Force. He then rejects the dark side and becomes Ben Solo once again.

Rey and Ben confront Palpatine while the Resistance defeats Palpatine’s Final Order. It’s a fitting end to a legendary series. 

The many deaths of ‘The Rise of Skywalker’

You’d assume that concluding the Skywalker saga would mean plenty of characters would get the metaphorical ax heading into Rise of Skywalker, and that proved correct. A few of the deaths in the film included: 

  • Leia, one of the main characters of the original trilogy, sacrificing her life to reach out to her son, Ben Solo
  • Emperor Palpatine, after being defeated by Rey
  • Ben Solo, after he brings Rey back to life, sacrificing his own life force to do so

These are all significant deaths in the Star Wars universe. They’re all also incredibly well done and poignant. Leia’s death is made all the more significant due to the fact that the actor who portrayed her, Carrie Fisher, had already passed on in real life. 

As expertly portrayed as these onscreen deaths are, however, they aren’t the most satisfying in Star Wars history. Two of them are downright tragic and one (Palpatine) lacks the punch that another death carries. 

The most satisfying death in Star Wars isn’t in ‘The Rise of Skywalker’


The Opening Scene of ‘The Rise of Skywalker’ is Still Confusing ‘Star Wars’ Fans

A Reddit thread dedicated to The Last Jedi’s throne room scene features one poster who states what they believe to be the most satisfying death scene of the series: the death of Supreme Leader Snoke: 

“Palpatine is fun in TROS but there is something about Snoke that makes me enjoy him a little more as a Sequel villain. And Snoke’s death truly is one of the most satisfying deaths in the Saga.”

Snoke may not have the history of Palpatine, but consider the difference between their deaths. Palpatine’s death in Return of the Jedi (and Rise of Skywalker) represents the culmination of two character arcs: Anakin Skywalker and Rey. Snoke’s death is a plot point that helps turn Kylo Ren’s character in a new, interesting direction.

It’s satisfying because Snoke is so smug and self-assured at the moment that he can’t even see his own apprentice planning his death. The scene also gave Star Wars fans an (albeit short) glimmer of hope that Ben Solo truly had returned. 

Palpatine is the bigger baddie, but this hot take checks out. Snoke’s death was the most satisfying in the Star Wars universe.