The Most Stunning Rooms in Kylie Jenner’s House

It must be nice to live like a billionaire — and Kylie Jenner knows exactly what that feels like. Her brand, Kylie Cosmetics, is valued at around $1.2 billion. And Jenner resides in a massive, 13,000-square-foot mansion in Hidden Hills, California. She shelled out more than $12 million for the pricey pad.

Jenner occasionally shows off some of the rooms in her home, though she seems hesitant to totally let fans in. But there are some seriously stunning rooms (and outdoor spaces) in the beauty mogul’s mega mansion.

Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner | Toni Anne Barson/WireImage

Jenner’s clean, high-end kitchen

Jenner hardly posts photos from her kitchen, but she does often post Instagram stories of the food she cooks. The Kylie Cosmetics founder did once let fans in on the look of her kitchen when she photographed a fruit bowl for her Instagram story. The cabinets appear to be custom work; they’re medium grey in tone, which contrasts perfectly with the white countertops.

Though Jenner hasn’t said what material her countertops are, they’re presumably either granite, quartz or marble. Jenner also gave fans a peek at her pantry when she made cupcakes one night. The pantry was complete with nearly two dozen containers of sprinkles — if she has enough room for that, then it’s safe to say the whole pantry is probably pretty huge.

Kylie Jenner's kitchen
Kylie Jenner’s kitchen | Kylie Jenner via Instagram

Her gorgeous foyer — complete with a massive wine rack

Jenner loves taking photos in her foyer. She recently unveiled a black and white photo project; the images line her stairwell, and they’re all of her family through the years. Beneath Jenner’s stairwell is a massive, glass-enclosed wine room.

The color’s in Jenner’s foyer are neutral; she sticks mostly with variations of beige and brown, minus the grey-colored photos on her stairwell. But the colors of the room keep it looking modern yet traditional.

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Her massive closet

Jenner’s fans know her closet all too well. And while a closet wouldn’t normally be regarded as the most “stunning” room in a home, Jenner’s designer collections and huge closet space make it nothing but glamorous. The Kylie Skin founder keeps her designer bag collection in there which is reportedly worth more than $1 million.

Jenner also loves taking mirror selfies in one area of the closet. It’s unclear how large the room (or rooms, since we don’t know the exact layout) actually is, but it certainly needs to have enough space to fit all of her expensive clothes and accessories.

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One part of Jenner’s incredible closet

Her pristine pool area

Jenner loves spending days poolside with her daughter, Stormi. She often posts photos and videos by the pool it’s the kind of place we totally wouldn’t mind being quarantined in. Plus, Jenner has plenty of yard space for Stormi to run around and even has a trampoline for the toddler to play on. Her yard is definitely stunning the green grass and custom pool are enough to make this one of the most gorgeous areas of her home.

Jenner posing out by her pool.

Jenner has never given an official house tour and she probably never will. She’s always kept to herself a bit more than some of her siblings, so we’re not expecting her to totally let fans in on the way she lives. But it is definitely nice to see the small glimpses of her home when she shows them off.