‘The O.C.’: Rachel Bilson Reveals Who She Still Keeps In Touch With

The O.C. was one of the most popular TV shows of the 2000s. It followed the lives of fictional people in a wealthy part of Orange County, California.

Rachel Bilson was one of the main cast members of the series. She and her fellow actors went their separate ways when The O.C. ended in 2007. However, who does Bilson still keep in touch with over 10 years later?

Rachel Bilson looks on
Rachel Bilson | Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Rachel Bilson does not keep in touch with a lot of cast members from ‘The O.C.’

Bilson recently had an interview with Nylon where she discusses the popular show. When asked which cast members she still keeps in touch with, the actor shared that it is “not many people.”

She explained, “I actually recently was texting with Ben [McKenzie], which was so nice and he just welcomed another kid into the world, but I’m super close with [creator] Josh Schwartz. I mean, he’s my brother, basically, so I’ve always been around him. But not really anyone from the cast. Now Mindy [Melinda Clarke] and I obviously are close again, which is awesome, but we’ve all talked about getting together, so we’re hoping that happens sometime soon.”

Bilson did not mention whether she still talks to Adam Brody, whom she dated while working on the show. However, in another part of the interview, she did share that she was grateful to have a relationship with him.

“I’m actually grateful that I did have it,” she said. “It was definitely a unique experience and I don’t think anyone else could have really understood it had they not been in it, so for that reason, it was super helpful and supportive, and I have total gratitude for the whole experience.”

Rachel Bilson is working on a podcast with Melinda Clarke

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As Bilson mentioned, she and Melinda Clarke are quite close now. The two of them will soon be launching a podcast called Welcome to the OC, B****es!. The podcast will feature Bilson and Clarke rewatching the show while sharing behind-the-scenes stories.

Bilson revealed to Nylon that fans can expect some exciting guests on the podcast as well. She said, “Some we’re not going to say and they’ll be a surprise, but we’ll definitely have cast members, people behind the scenes, writers, directors, and also fans of the show. Hopefully [we’ll have] some celebrity fans. [It’s] definitely a mixed bag.”

What is Rachel Bilson and Mischa Barton’s relationship like?

Mischa Barton and Rachel Bilson
Mischa Barton and Rachel Bilson | Donato Sardella/WireImage for CHANEL

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It’s hard to talk about Bilson’s friendship on The O.C. without mentioning Mischa Barton. After all, the two actors played best friends on the series. However, it’s not clear if they were that close in real life.

In an interview with Elle in 2004, Barton seemed to take digs at Bilson’s looks, saying, “She’s way more overtly sexual than I am. She is so petite and I am so tall and lanky. I think I’d be scared of having her voluptuousness. I like being understatedly sexy.”

In any case, Bilson shared with Nylon that she and Barton did hang out off the set and that the cast members “all really liked each other.” These days, she sometimes posts about Barton on social media as well, especially when she reminisces about their O.C. days.