‘The Office’: Angela Kinsey Said She Got Tripped Up by 2 Words During This Heartbreaking Scene

The Office star Angela Kinsey found herself working through a tongue twister during one heartbreaking scene with her co-star. Find out the two words that Kinsey struggled with and how she had to break them down to finally get through the scene.

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Angela Kinsey found 1 ‘The Office’ scene challenging

During the Aug. 18 episode of the Office Ladies podcast, Kinsey and her co-host Jenna Fischer discussed The Office season 5 episode “The Duel” which finds Andy and Dwight dueling over Angela Martin.

Kinsey shared that there was one heartbreaking scene with Ed Helms that proved to be super challenging, but not because of the emotional weight of it — there were two words that she just couldn’t get right.

“Well you could have heard a pin drop when Andy walked back into that bullpen and he goes over to Angela and says, ‘We need to talk,’” Kinsey said of the moment. Angela tries to get him to talk to her in the office, but he tells her, “I need to talk to you in private.” That prompts Kevin to interject, “We’re not listening.”

She admitted she ‘couldn’t say’ the words right

The characters move to the conference room for a private discussion. “Ed played it so real,” Kinsey recalled. “I was sweating, I was sweating it. Like I felt it. We went into that conference room and he shut the door and we were in there a long time. And Ed broke my heart as Andy when he was like, ‘Do you love him?’”

“And I was really feeling all of this emotion and then Angela has to make this plea to him — ‘Don’t give up on us,'” she continued. “It was all going great until we got to two words: formal chrysanthemums.”

Just two words left Kinsey tongue-tied. “I couldn’t say it,’ she said as she demonstrated how tricky it was to put the words together. “I really had to break it down to be able to say it but you need to say it like it’s effortless.”

The episode’s writer helped Kinsey “break it down” so she could get through it. “But try saying it quickly while you’re like throwing it away like you have no problem saying it in a speech where you’re pleading to save your relationship,” the actor shared.

Fischer pointed out that the line had to be chrysanthemums. “It wouldn’t have worked [with] any other flower. That’s the funniest flower. It had to be that, she said.

There was a deleted scene that had everyone spying on Angela and Andy

Kinsey went on to share that there was a “flip side” to the scene, with everyone in the bullpen watching what was unfolding in the conference room. “It was deleted for time. It’s so great and I really feel like Phyllis summed up the whole moment perfectly,” Kinsey shared.

They played the clip, with Phyllis explaining to Dwight, “He found out his little angel’s been screwing the beet farming weirdo, he’s trying to make it make sense in his brain, and then he’s going to come out here and kill you.”

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