‘The Office’ Fans Have a Mind-Blowing Conspiracy Theory About Kevin Malone

One thing that makes The Office such a beloved show is the sheer number of colorful characters that the series boasts. From the absurdity of Michael Scott to the creepiness of Creed Bratton, there’s a specific character for every fan to enjoy. Kevin Malone is one of the most loved characters on the show. He adds a sense of constant levity with his low IQ and dopey, yet charming, behavior.

Kate Flannery and Brian Baumgartner as The Office characters
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But, a new conspiracy theory that fans of The Office have cooked up calls Kevin’s character into question. On an Instagram page called @dundermifflinconfessions, an avid fan threw out a theory that the lovable accountant was highly intelligent the entire time he worked at the office. The fan suggests that Kevin utilized a fake “dumb” persona in order to successfully steal money from Dunder Mifflin.

Is Kevin Malone secretly brilliant?

The Office fan continued on to share that we see instances of Kevin proving his intelligence throughout the series. For example, in the episode “Garage Sale” Kevin plays the boardgame Dallas with two other characters, Andy and Darryl. Kevin only pretends to get frustrated with his coworkers making up rules, before walking off with everyone’s money.

Furthermore, Kevin’s usage of his made-up number (keleven) supports this conspiracy theory. While other coworkers in The Office assumed that he wasn’t smart enough to be diligent and accurate about accounting, fans feel that he was using it as a cover to steal money from Dunder Mifflin. Maintaining a “dumb” persona meant that Kevin would’ve been able to successfully steal from the company without penalty even if he was caught.

Are other characters in on the conspiracy?

Other fans of The Office were enthralled by this theory and easily brought up how Kevin’s interactions with other characters could support this theory. For example, in the episode entitled “The Convict”, Kevin reveals that he made ex-convict, Martin, explain how he got sent to prison multiple times because he was pretty sure he participated in insider trading each day.

Some people not only supported the conspiracy theory but speculated that other characters were in on it too. Those people who gained the most suspicions were the accounting team, as they were a tight-knit group and worked the closest with Kevin. “I’ve actually seen a theory that Angela and Oscar were in on it too. Angela ended up marrying her rich beet farmer but how is Oscar funding his political campaign?” one fan of The Office posed.

Fans of ‘The Office’ support this conspiracy theory

Fans of The Office also loved this theory because it would explain how Kevin was able to buy a bar after Dwight K. Schrute fired him from Dunder Mifflin.”Yes!!! I mean he had enough money saved to buy a bar when he was fired!! Now I know where that money came from!” one person exclaimed.

Of course, diehard fans of The Office were quick to clear up the misconception about the bar money. “He actually says how he got it in a deleted scene from the finale, after the doc aired so many people wanted to buy him drinks but he doesn’t really drink much so he ended up with a 16k credit and it was cheaper to make him a partner,” one fan shared. But, if Kevin was really a mastermind, he could’ve made that story up too. Who knows if this theory is truly what the writers were thinking when they dreamt up Kevin’s character. But either way, this is a theory we can get behind.