‘The Office’: Creed Bratton Wrote a Song About Mose Called ‘Mose Was a Runner’ That Fans Have to Hear

Creed Bratton is a fan favorite on The Office. Despite all characters being outlandish on the NBC series, Creed is by far the strangest of the bunch. In real life, the actor is also a musician. He has been releasing music since the 1960s, and he’s continuing to produce hits in 2020. He even wrote a song dedicated to The Office titled “Mose Was a Runner” that fans need to listen to this instant. 

Creed Bratton
Creed Bratton | Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

Creed Bratton is a fan favorite  

What separates the UK version of The Office with the US version is the ensemble. In the US version, the ensemble is what makes the show work. Every single character brings something to the table. In The Office UK, the other members of the paper company get pushed to the side. Luckily, the US version gives characters like Creed a fair amount of screen time, with several hilarious moments that keep the show rolling. 

While it’s hard to imagine anyone who is more peculiar than Michael Scott or Dwight Schrute, Creed takes the cake as the weirdest character on the show. Whether he’s storing mung beans in his desk drawer or desperately attempting to master the perfect cartwheel, Creed always manages to steal the show with his bizarre behavior.

Yet fans will be delighted to know that his talents don’t end in making us laugh. Creed also inspires us with his incredible music. His songs range from gut-wrenching to downright hilarious. Thankfully, he has a new album out now.

Creed from ‘The Office’ has a new song dedicated to the show   

While we’ve nominated Creed as the strangest person on the series, Dwight’s cousin Mose might be a close second. Even Michael calls Mose a “weirdo,” which coming from him is saying a lot! Mose is played by Michael Schur, also known as the man responsible for The Office. With an impressive resume, Michael has also created shows such as Parks and Recreation and The Good Place

Creed tells Stereogum that he wrote the song for Michael. He also adds that he’s had the idea of the track for quite a while now. The actor says, “I was going to write the song for Mike Schur when he left with Greg Daniels to start Parks & Rec.”

This isn’t the only time Creed has fiddled with referencing The Office in his music. The singer admits to performing his version of the show’s theme song during his concerts.

Creed’s music career in the ’60s band ‘The Grass Roots’ 


The Office’s Creed Bratton Picks the 2020 Song of the Summer

Long before his days on The Office, Creed was making moves as a musician in the ’60s band, The Grass Roots. Their most popular songs include “Let’s Live for Today,” “Midnight Confessions,” “Temptation Eyes,” and “I’d Wait a Million Years.” 

Eventually, Creed told Stereogum that left the band after they lost creative control. After a period of time, they had to record songs that they didn’t write. This didn’t sit well with Creed, who wanted to make his own music.

Fortunately, his new music is better than ever. His hit songs on the new album include, “Mose Was a Runner” and “The Ride.” Creed’s album Slightly Altered can be found on Apple Music as well as Spotify.