‘The Office’ Director Calls Out The Emmys With Instagram Photo of Steve Carell

When it comes to successful sitcoms, it’s hard for anything to beat out The Office. It remains one of Steve Carell’s most renowned roles and still manages to book top positions when it comes to streaming. However, despite the show’s success and Steve Carell’s excellent performance as Michael Scott, Carell has never received an Emmy Award for his work on the show. Show director Paul Feig thinks that’s unreasonable, and he just called out the award show in an Instagram post. 

Paul Feig calls out the Emmys regarding Steve Carell

In a touching moment of nostalgia, Paul Feig took to Instagram to post an old photo of Steve Carell. The photo depicts the set of The Office just after Steve Carell’s last scene on the series — the scene when Michael Scott finally leaves Dunder Mifflin, never to return.

Along with the photo, Feig wrote a caption calling out the Emmy Awards. Feig wrote, “Just found in my old photos this great picture from the set of the Office taken right after Steve Carrell’s final shot on the series. What an emotional moment that was. And Steve never won an Emmy for his work on the show. Makes you think twice about what awards really mean.”

According to Emmys.com, Steve Carell has been nominated ten times for his work on The Office, but despite all that, he has never clinched the actual award itself. 

Rainn Wilson, who plays Dwight Schrute, has also previously expressed his disdain with the Emmys over passing over Steve Carell. In 2011 he wrote on Twitter, “The world of TV should be ashamed of itself that Steve Carell never won an Emmy for Michael Gary Scott. Goodnight.”

Fans react to Feig’s post

Kate Flannery as Meredith Palmer, Steve Carell as Michael Scott, Brian Baumgartner as Kevin Malone of The Office
Kate Flannery as Meredith Palmer, Steve Carell as Michael Scott, Brian Baumgartner as Kevin Malone of The Office | Chris Haston/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images

Fans were quick to react to Feig’s post. And perhaps that’s no surprise, given how much of a fan following both Steve Carell and The Office have. 

One Instagram user wrote, in part, “Love this photo and love how humble and unassuming Steve looks! I cannot quite believe he never won an Emmy but then when I look at some of the films that have won best picture the last thirty years- I am not surprised the Emmys have made mistakes as well.”

Another user was in shock. They wrote, “Wow. Didn’t even realize he never won. Unbelievable.”

“I say this all the time! If Steve didn’t get an Emmy for this show then Emmy’s mean nothing!” added another disgruntled Instagram user.

Another user pointed out that, while Carell may not have won an Emmy, what matters is the amazing show he helped to make. They wrote, “My partner recently saw The (American) Office for the first time this month and when it got to Carrell’s final episode, she was literally appalled by the fact his amazing work wasn’t granted an Emmy. However, people remember great performances over who won what awards.”

Possibility of a ‘The Office’ reboot?

Steve Carell and others of 'The Office'
Brian Baumgartner as Kevin Malone, Rachael Harris as Rachel, Angela Kinsey as Angela Martin, Rainn Wilson as Dwight Schrute, Steve Carell as Michael Scott of The Office | Chris Haston/NBC)

Every now and then, rumors fly about the possibility of a reboot for The Office. While some of the actors have voiced support and interest in the idea, not all are ready for that sort of undertaking. 

Jenna Fischer, for example, has made it clear that she’s not interested in a reboot. However, she would do a reunion episode. On The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Fischer said, “I would not do an Office reboot, but I would love to do a reunion special episode. I’d like to get us all together again.”

Greg Daniels, the creator of The Office, has previously said, “It was such a perfect thing that I would hesitate to open it up. We got the chance to end it the way we wanted to end it. It wasn’t like we were interrupted in the middle of a run or something. So in a sense it’s completely an artistic whole. But, that said, I don’t know, the cast every now and then talks about getting back together in some form, but I don’t see it being a reboot like the way Will & Grace was rebooted.”