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Jim (John Krasinski) and Pam’s (Jenna Fischer) romance on The Office was one for the ages. Over the course of nine seasons, fans watched their relationship blossom into a truly amazing love story – and one that actually had a happy ending. With Netflix losing the series soon, here are 10 must-watch episodes of The Office that capture Jim and Pam’s epic romance.

The Office Jim and Pam
‘The Office’ Jim and Pam | Photo by Chris Haston/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

10. Diversity Day

Jim and Pam’s romance in Season 1 of The Office was a real struggle, mostly due to her engagement to Roy (David Denman). While Pam was preoccupied with trying to make her fiancé happy, she snuck in a few adorable moments with Jim. In this episode, Jim was happily surprised when Pam nodded off on his shoulder during a boring meeting at work.

9. The Dundies

“The Dundies” is memorable for a number of different reasons on The Office. Aside from all of Michael Scott’s (Steve Carell) wild antics during the award ceremony, this is the moment things started to heat up between Jim and Pam. After a little too much to drink at the party, Pam let loose and gave Jim a big smooch. This is the first time Jim and Pam kiss on-screen and is a moment we will never forget.

8. Booze Cruise

When Michael treated the employees of Dunder Mifflin to a boat ride, Jim thought it was the perfect time to tell Pam exactly how he felt about her. Jim’s plans quickly fell apart after Roy agreed to finally marry Pam and set a date. At the end of the night, Jim confessed his true feelings to Michael, who had no idea two of his favorite office workers had a thing.

7. Christmas Party

Jim lucked out when he drew Pam’s name for Secret Santa. Jim naturally had the perfect gift in mind for Pam, which included a teapot full of references to their favorite moments together on The Office. The only problem is that the Secret Santa gift exchange did not go as planned, though Pam eventually got the teapot. Jim also wrote a love letter to accompany the present but omitted it at the last minute.

6. Casino Night

It only took him the better part of two seasons, but Jim finally got the nerve to tell Pam he loves her during the company’s casino night. Although Jim and Pam share an intimate moment at the end of the episode, Pam drops a bombshell by telling Jim she just wants to be friends. Luckily, Jim finds Pam in the office later and the two embrace for a passionate kiss.

5. Beach Games

Following the end of her relationship with Roy, Pam finally built up the nerve to tell Jim how she feels during a staff trip to the beach on The Office. Pam announced the news in front of all of her co-workers and Jim’s girlfriend, Karen (Rashida Jones), who was not stoked about the incident.

4. The Job

A few episodes after “Beach Games,” Jim officially ended things with Karen and asked Pam out for the first time. Fans had waited a long time to see the pair finally get together, and this moment marked the start of an amazing journey.

3. Weight Loss Pt. 2

While the focus of this two-part episode of The Office was getting everyone in the office to lose weight, Jim and Pam were making the best out of their long-distant relationship. At one point in the episode, Jim surprised everyone by proposing to Pam while meeting her outside at a gas station. She, of course, said yes.

2. Niagara

Jim and Pam invited the whole gang to their wedding at Niagara Falls, though the ceremony did not go quite as planned. Knowing that things would likely get out of hand, Jim and Pam snuck out before the wedding and got hitched on a boat near the iconic waterfall. Needless to say, Jim’s speech about “Plan A” was one of the most amazing moments of their romance.

1. The Delivery

Jim and Pam becoming parents was a big storyline from season 6 of The Office and Pam’s delivery was one of the last episodes that focused on the pair. Even still, watching Jim hold his daughter for the first time was the perfect end to their journey.