‘The Office’ Star Rainn Wilson Hilariously Avoided a Fan at the Dentist

It is nearly impossible to discuss sitcoms without mentioning The Office. The NBC mockumentary sitcom series debuted in 2005 and quickly became a hit for the network. Though it ended years ago, the show and its cast members became so popular that they are still navigating the show’s success and fame to this day. 

A look back at NBC’s ‘The Office’

Rainn Wilson The Office
THE OFFICE — “Workplace Bullying” Episode 901 — Pictured: Rainn Wilson as Dwight Schrute — (Photo by: Justin Lubin/NBCNBCU Photo Bank)

As viewers know all too well, The Office was a mockumentary sitcom focused on the inner workings of the fictional Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. The Office’s talented cast was part of why the show was such a huge success. 

John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer, Steve Carell, and Rainn Wilson were the original four main stars. But the supporting cast also played a significant part. Actors Mindy Kaling, BJ Novak, Craig Robinson, and more have had impressive careers due to their time on the show.

After a successful nine-season run, The Office ended in 2013. Although the comedy television series has been off the air for almost a decade, fans are still discovering it years later.

Rainn Wilson avoided a fan at the dentist

Few shows have as many fans as The Office. Though that typically is viewed as a great thing, it definitely can be tricky to navigate from time to time. 

Wilson’s recent experience at the dentist was a testimony to that. While in his dentist’s waiting room, the actor noticed that someone nearby seemed to be a big fan of The Office

Wilson, wearing a mask, took a selfie showcasing the individual wearing a Dunder Mifflin t-shirt and then shared the photo from his Twitter account. The actor wrote, “At dentists office. Put on a mask because the woman next to me has a Dunder Mifflin shirt on.” Awkward and incognito were two of the hashtags Wilson added to the tweet. 

Many can imagine why Wilson would probably want to dodge fans while waiting for a root canal. On top of that, the actor’s fans and followers can probably appreciate the covert move since it seems like a tactic right out of Dwight’s playbook. 

Rainn Wilson’s memorable moments playing Dwight 


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Wilson’s encounter at the dentist got many fans and followers of The Office talking and reminiscing in the Twitter thread. Speaking of dentists, who could forget the season 3 episode when, while trying to steal Michael’s job, Dwight concocts a story about needing to go to the dentist who just happened to be named Crentist. 

Some also mentioned the opening of the season 5 episode titled “Stress Relief.” While trying to teach his co-workers about the importance of fire safety, Dwight created a scenario to make them believe there was a fire, they were all trapped, and everyone was in danger. The chaos that ensued was pure comedy gold. 

Though Dwight’s elaborate plans typically led those around him astray, it’s clear Rainn Wilson’s desire to stay anonymous before a significant procedure came with good intentions.