The Official ‘Gilmore Girls’ Instagram Thinks 2 Characters Should Have Had More Scenes Together

Gilmore Girls ran for seven seasons. While series creator Amy Sherman-Palladino did a masterful job creating great interpersonal moments between many different characters, some characters didn’t get to interact nearly enough. The official Gilmore Girls Instagram account revealed which two characters they wish had more screen time together. It’s a good pick, too.

The official ‘Gilmore Girls’ Instagram has whirred into action again

Gilmore Girls fans are starting to think big news might be on the horizon. In fact, it seems like the stars could be aligning for the cast to return to Stars Hollow. Several key players have discussed the possibility of a second revival in recent months. Amy Sherman-Palladino’s commitment to The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is winding down, and Milo Ventimiglia has wrapped up his work on This Is Us.

Now, the Gilmore Girls Instagram and Twitter accounts have gotten active again. The show’s social media have roared back to life several times since 2016. But in 2022, the posting schedule appears to be skewing toward consistency instead of sporadic.

The Instagram account’s most recent post came on Mother’s Day. But on April 25, the profile posted a video clip and made a bold assertion. Along with the clip, the account suggested Rory Gilmore and Doyle McMaster should have had more scenes together.

The official ‘Gilmore Girls’ Instagram thinks Doyle and Rory should have had more scenes together

Gilmore Girls may have gone dark in 2007, but it continues to build its fan base year after year. The official Gilmore Girls Instagram remains active for those fans. The account shares a fun thought or idea with fans every so often. Recently, the account owner suggested Rory Gilmore and Doyle McMaster didn’t have nearly enough scenes together.

Doyle and Rory sit together in 'Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life'
Doyle McMaster and Rory Gilmore | Saeed Adyani/NETFLIX 2021

Doyle McMaster was Rory’s editor at the Yale Daily News. He later became Paris Geller’s love interest and appeared in Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life as Paris’ ex-husband. Rory and Doyle had several hilarious interactions during Rory’s Yale years. However, the Gilmore Girls Instagram account is right; the duo could have interacted more often.

These 2 other characters also could have used more screen time together

Doyle and Rory aren’t the only characters who didn’t have nearly enough scenes together. We think Emily Gilmore and Mrs. Kim could have been a force if they had appeared in more scenes together.

Emily and Mrs. Kim only had a significant interaction once. In the season 1 episode “Emily in Wonderland,” Emily and Mrs. Kim haggle over antiques when Emily visits Stars Hollow. The duo had a lot of chemistry on screen.

Emily and Mrs. Kim also had a lot in common. Both were strict parents with high expectations for their children. Their paths, unfortunately, rarely crossed because Emily didn’t spend much time in Stars Hollow.

Still, it could have been fun to see Mrs. Kim calling Emily with the inside track on sought-after antiques — just like it could have been fun to see more witty banter between Rory and Doyle.

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