The One Lesson Cardi B Wants Her Daughter Kulture To Receive

Cardi B has become a beacon for working moms everywhere. Since giving birth to her baby Kulture in 2018, she’s been quick to share how difficult being a working mom is. Even though she’s rich and famous, Cardi B struggles with some of the same issues all mothers have.

Cardi B
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For example, the rapper revealed that she thought it would be easy to find a nanny to take care of Kulture while she toured. However, as many moms know, trusting someone with your precious bundle of joy is much easier said than done.

Cardi B won’t leave Kulture with a stranger, which makes navigating a career and motherhood even more challenging. She only trusts family, and her mom is Kulture’s go-to caregiver when the acclaimed rapper is working. 

Fans are excited to learn more about how Cardi B is handling motherhood. The good news is she recently revealed a lot more about her life as a mom during an interview with Vogue. The 73 questions segment was filmed in Cardi B’s grandmother’s apartment, with baby Kulture asleep on the couch next to her. 

Cardi B wants Kulture to learn to be herself

Cardi B is clearly always thinking about the kind of woman she wants Kulture to grow into. She says the one thing she wants her to learn is to shut out critics, and “dream big and follow it.”

Cardi B is already setting a good example for how to ignore haters. And she’s dreaming big for Kulture already.

She says she wants Kulture to be a successful businesswoman. Although Cardi B has found her way in the entertainment business, she wants Kulture to have more opportunities than she did. 

As for what Cardi B’s learned from Kulture? Being a mom is hard, and when there’s a baby involved, you’ll never be ready on time. She’s lamented in other interviews that Kulture is always making a mess in her clothes.

Kulture has an expensive wardrobe, but she usually ends the day in Target pajamas after spitting up, drooling, or otherwise dirtying her designer threads. All those wardrobe changes can make moms late. 

Being a mom is hard, and thankless. As Cardi puts it: “We need more Mother’s Days.”

Offset says Cardi B is a great mom

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During the interview, Cardi B called Offset on facetime and asked him a few questions. When Offset was asked what his wife’s best quality is, he said she’s a great mom. That’s hard to argue with, especially seeing Cardi B petting little Kulture’s cheek as she sleeps on the couch. 

It’s clear that Cardi B loves her daughter, and takes a very active role in raising her. She does Kulture’s hair and dresses her up, but she also cares about Kulture’s influences.

Even though she’s only one, Cardi B has surrounded Kulture with family. She’s giving her baby an upbringing similar to her own. 

Cardi B is close with her family, including her sister Hennessy Carolina, who gave Cardi B her famous nickname. Now, she’ll give Kulture the same social network.  

Kulture shouldn’t expect a sibling any time soon

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Even though Cardi B would love to have another child, she’s revealed that she’s just not ready for it right now. The “Bodak Yellow” rapper needs time to find her footing as a working mom before she can commit to having another baby.

She also needs to work on her relationship with her husband: Offset. Their recent troubles have been very public. Even though Cardi is still upset that he cheated on her, she’s decided to try again to make it work. It’s hard to focus on your relationship when you’re a working mom, which is why Cardi B doesn’t want to add another baby to the mix. She has a lot she wants to do first.