The One ‘Star Wars’ Scene Mark Hamill Can’t Watch Due to Carrie Fisher’s Death

Mark Hamill is just as big of a Star Wars nerd as the rest of us. He loves re-watching the franchise, yet there’s one scene in particular that he won’t watch. It is a scene between Luke and Leia that is too emotionally charged for Hamill, especially after Carrie Fisher‘s tragic death in 2016. And in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, he flat-out admitted that he could no longer watch the scene because it takes him “out of the movie completely.” 

Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill in 2014
Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill in 2014 | Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images

Mark Hamill said he and Carrie Fisher were just like brother and sister

Over the years, Hamill and Fisher developed a sibling-like bond because of their impossibly close dynamic. And according to Hamill, just like siblings, they would get into huge fights and then make up as though nothing ever happened. 

“Carrie used to drive me crazy,” he said in an interview with Ellen DeGeneres. “We were more like siblings than I thought because we would have these huge fights. We wouldn’t see each other for months or even years, and then you would see each other and remind yourself how much fun it was to be together.”

The one scene Mark Hamill can’t watch in ‘Star Wars’ because of Carrie Fisher’s death

In The Last Jedi, there is an unforgettable scene where Luke kisses Leia on the forehead. This moment was so emotionally charged after Fisher’s unexpected death, that Hamill couldn’t watch it anymore.

“It was just spontaneous and really momentous for me because Luke was saying goodbye to his sister forever,” he told Entertainment Tonight. “And of course, you know, to have to lose Carrie… I can’t watch that scene. It just takes me out of the movie completely. She’ll be forever missed, and she’s irreplaceable.”

And apparently, that kiss on the forehead was entirely improvised by Hamill. He said that the gesture just felt right in the moment.

“The moment at the end where Mark stands up and kisses her forehead, that’s something he came up with during rehearsals,” Rian Johnson explained during The Last Jedi commentary. “He just said, ‘I feel like I want to do this.’ God, I’m so happy he did.”

Mark Hamill admits that a part of him ‘did fall in love’ with Carrie Fisher while filming ‘Star Wars’

In a 2017 panel dedicated to Fisher’s memory, Hamill confessed his feelings for Fisher. He said that although they were more like siblings than lovers, a part of him “did fall in love” with Fisher. He said that every man she met was “under her spell” because she was such a wonderful and charming individual. 

And according to Hamill, he wanted Fisher all to himself. He didn’t like to share her with Harrison Ford and he longed for the moments when he got to be alone with her. 


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“The moments that I remember were when I had her all to myself,” he revealed during the panel. “Like that Saturday where Terry O’Neil took all those pictures, the one where I’m holding the lightsaber and holding her, and she’s the damsel in distress… It was all day long. We had an 8 am call, and we shot until 6 pm, and she was all mine. I didn’t want to share her with Harrison. I didn’t want to share her with anybody!”