‘The Original Kings of Comedy’: How Much Are the Stars Worth Today?

In the year 2000, four of the funniest comedians ever to grace the stage collaborated on a stand-up comedy film called The Original Kings of Comedy. Here’s a snapshot of how the Kings continued to boost their fame and individual fortunes over the last 20 years.

'The Original Kings of Comedy'
Cedric the Entertainer, Steve Harvey, D.L. Hughley and Bernie Mack, stars of ‘The Original Kings Of Comedy’ | Thomas Monaster/NY Daily News Archive via Getty Images

‘The Original Kings of Comedy’ delivered wall-to-wall laughs

The Original Kings of Comedy featured Steve Harvey as the Master of Ceremonies at the concert event. Harvey treated the audience to funny bits between the longer acts from the three other comedians. D.L. Hughley, Cedric the Entertainer, and the late Bernie Mac brought their A-game to the comedy film.

The Spike Lee-directed movie won with both critics and fans, scoring a Fresh Rating on the Tomatometer and a positive Audience Score on Rotten Tomatoes. The feature helped accelerate the already flourishing careers of the cast and solidified each artist as supreme storytellers, entertainers, and stars.

Steve Harvey

“Did somebody throw their drawers up here?” Harvey asked the audience during a musical interlude in The Original Kings of Comedy. The funnyman displayed his ability to garner huge laughs just by holding up a pair of knickers and asking that question.

His schtick as a witty M.C. carries over in his duties as a radio show personality and the host of the classic game show, Family Feud. The film and television actor, best-selling author, movie producer, comedian, presenter, and philanthropist keeps very busy. And according to Celebrity Net Worth, Harvey is estimated to be worth a hefty $200 million.

Cedric the Entertainer

In The Original Kings of Comedy, Cedric the Entertainer brilliantly imagined “space shuttles with Cadillac grills,” among other hysterical scenarios. During his act, the comic used words, body language, and music to paint vivid comedic pictures for fans.

Cedric the Entertainer has landed a string of big and small-screen parts, including roles in the Barbershop franchise and Starz’s Power. TV buffs can currently catch the actor headlining CBS’s hit sitcom, The Neighborhood. With at least five more projects in the works, Cedric the Entertainer is worth $25 million, as estimated by Celebrity Net Worth.

Bernie Mac

Mac was famous for salty language, side-splitting humor, and sharp delivery in his comedy routines. He closed out The Original Kings of Comedy show with a show-stopping bit, earning a standing ovation from the crowd.

In addition to his work on stage, he enjoyed a successful acting career. He starred in the long-running sitcom, The Bernie Mac Show, and a long list of movies. Fans may remember his scene-stealing performances in Friday, The Players Club, and the Ocean’s Eleven franchise. According to Celebrity Net Worth, at the time of his death in 2008, 50-year-old Mac was estimated to be worth $15 million.

D.L. Hughley


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Known for his quick wit and biting commentary, D.L. Hughley has made a name for himself as an author, commentator, and social justice warrior. He is a familiar face who pops up on political news segments on networks including CNN, and talk shows such as HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher. Hughley also leads a syndicated radio show on weekdays.

Somehow, the A-lister still finds time for comedy tour dates and acting gigs. Next up, he will play the legendary musician, Bootsy Collins, in the biography film, Spinning Gold. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Hughley is worth an estimated $10 million.

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