‘The Originals’: Fans Wish 1 ‘Vampire Diaries’ Character Had Appeared Sooner

The Originals expanded The Vampire Diaries‘ universe, creating a new story for fans of the show to enjoy. Whenever there’s a spinoff, fans of the original show excitedly look for their favorite characters from the original to appear. In one case, the producers of the show may have waited too long to bring one character back. Let’s take a closer look at some characters from those shows as well as the one character Vampire Diaries fans wish had appeared sooner on The Originals.

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Who are Klaus and Caroline?

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The Vampire Diaries extended universe rarely skimps on the romance, and there are two characters who serve as a shining example of that. The relationship between Klaus and Caroline plays a big role in the series. Klaus (named Niklaus Mikaelson), is the “original hybrid.” Caroline Forbes is a vampire. At first, the two don’t get along. Klaus prompts another character, Tyler, to bite her to get revenge on Stefan for an unrelated incident. Tyler bites her on accident and she is infected.

Later, Klaus attempts to get an invitation into her home in order to fix her. The two begin to bond there. The typically mean Klaus showed a softer side that she no doubt brought out of him. He healed her when she asked him to, and the attraction began to flourish. They begin an on-again, off-again romance that spans two series. Though Klaus displays many villainous tendencies, he’s like a different person around Caroline.  

Caroline’s appearance in ‘The Originals’

While some Vampire Diaries characters have appeared on The Originals and others have not, Caroline eventually did make an appearance, in season five. Her plotline involves tracking down Klaus for help. While the two start off the interaction somewhat antagonistically – just like they did in Vampire Diaries – they resolve to work together to find Klaus’s daughter, Hope. The two get to share a quiet cup of coffee together at one point, reflecting on their past relationship.

Caroline notes that “some girls love a bad boy” to explain her past attraction for Klaus. He asks her if she regretted being with him, and she says she does not. She also adds that the two are different people now than they were back then. It was a real throwback for some Vampire Diaries fans, but not everyone was happy with the plotline. 

The one character ‘Vampire Diaries’ fans wish had appeared sooner in ‘The Originals’

While some fans were thrilled to see the duo reappear, others didn’t buy it. During a Reddit discussion about fans’ “unpopular opinions” about The Originals, a few fans expressed distaste for rekindling the pair’s romance. One Redditor said Caroline’s role didn’t fit, and that it was fan service masquerading as a legitimate plot device: 

“Including Caroline felt so forced – only fan baiting. She had no real purpose and just scenes with Klaus to please the shippers.” Another fan followed up to agree, saying that producers waited much too long to include the character. 

“Should have added her a lot sooner. I always wished she went to New Orleans sooner. It was like Klaus wanted Caroline to be his endgame but she … well she wasn’t as serious (which may be partly due to her age and experience).” Sometimes it feels as though fans can’t be pleased. Insert the pair and some complain it felt forced. If they were left out, others would ask where they were.