‘The Parent Trap’: Elaine Hendrix Has Been Recognized as Meredith Blake Every Day for 22 Years

It’s hard to talk about The Parent Trap without talking about Meredith Blake. After all, every great film needs a great antagonist to give it depth and dimension. Meredith is the villain that we all love to hate. Young, beautiful, stylish, and successful, she is chock full of amazing one-liners and adds plenty of humor and drama to the beloved film. Elaine Hendrix was cast perfectly as Meredith in the 1998 rendition of The Parent Trap and she can’t escape the iconic role even 22 years later.

The Parent Trap cast member Elaine Hendrix
Elaine Hendrix | Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for SCAD aTVfest 2020

Of course, not everyone views Meredith as a villain. Many fans of The Parent Trap have come to idolize the character. A successful publicist, Meredith is considered to be “goals” by many fans of the film. But how does the cast feel about the concept of Meredith being something other than a villain? In an interview with Vulture, Hendrix shared that her opinion on this matter is two-fold.

Elaine Hendrix was perfectly cast in ‘The Parent Trap’

The Parent Trap cast member confessed that she, herself, does view her character as a villain. However, she’s thrilled that people choose to see Meredith in a different light. “I absolutely am shocked but love that present-day there’s scores of gals, a whole generation now, that don’t see Meredith as a villain,” Hendrix shared. “They see her as an aspiration.”

Hendrix continued on to share that her job as an actor relies on having to find the rationale for all actions of her characters. So, she was easily able to find the justification for Meredith in The Parent Trap.

How Hendrix was able to justify Meredith Blake’s actions

“With every character that an actor plays, we have to justify our behaviors,” Hendrix began about her most iconic role. “So, you know, Elaine Hendrix, the actress, knew that Meredith Blake was the villain, but as far as Meredith Blake goes … she just was doing what she needed to get what she wanted in life. She saw nothing wrong with any of this. There is definitely a part of me that feels happy for Meredith Blake that she’s been vindicated,” The Parent Trap actor shared.

Not only has Meredith been vindicated, but she is also constantly celebrated. In fact, Hendrix’s part in The Parent Trap cast has followed her around for the last 22 years. Each day she is approached by fans of the movie in one way or the other who reminds her of the work that she did in the film.

Hendrix is recognized for her role in ‘The Parent Trap’ every day

“Without exaggeration, there’s not one day that goes by that I don’t get a fan letter; I don’t get stopped on the street; I don’t get something related to this movie,” Hendrix shared about the legacy of The Parent Trap. “That’s just a long-winded way of saying there’s a lot of people who asked me to ship them to Switzerland.”


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In fact, Hendrix can’t even do common errands without being recognized as the infamous Meredith Blake. “I just went to the dentist, and I walked in the office, and they’re like, ‘Oh my God, my favorite movie is The Parent Trap.'” Hendrix confessed.

The full movie is available on Disney+

It’s clear that Hendrix’s part in The Parent Trap won’t be forgotten anytime soon. And for your 411, The Parent Trap is currently streaming on Disney+, in case you need you’re nostalgic for Meredith’s witty comebacks and iconic outfits.