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Ree Drummond gives potato salad a delicious upgrade with a unique creamy lemon basil dressing. The Pioneer Woman star calls her easy side dish a salad “with a spin.”

Ree Drummond smiles wearing a multicolor top standing at a counter on the set of 'Today'
Ree Drummond | Tyler Essary/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

Ree Drummond makes a simple creamy potato salad with loads of flavor

Drummond demonstrated how to make her unique potato salad recipe on an episode of The Pioneer Woman as part of a portable meal she was delivering to her husband working on the ranch.

“I’m going to make a really simple potato salad,” she said. Drumond cooked small yellow potatoes, sliced them in half, and placed them in a bowl.

In another bowl she made the dressing by combining mayonnaise, olive oil, pesto, lemon juice, salt, and pepper.

The Food Network host poured the dressing over the potatoes and tossed it well. “This is a little bit of a risky dressing to make for Ladd,” she explained. “He likes potato salad but he usually sticks to the traditional mustard, mayonnaise, salt, and pepper version. This dressing is going to add a little bit of herbs to the occasion.”

Drummond sprinkled toasted pine nuts on the salad for crunch and stored it in the refrigerator. “This is one of those salads that gets better and better in the fridge,” she said. “I have made this in huge quantities on Fourth of July. I like to make a combination of traditional things and then salads with a spin.”

The recipe is available on the Food Network website.

‘The Pioneer Woman’ star pairs the dish with a coleslaw side

Drummond made an easy slaw as well. “Apple and celery slaw. Slaw and potato salad just go together,” she explained. “This one has a little bit of sweetness from the apple, some spice. It is so delicious.”

She first julienned Granny Smith apples and celery sticks and cut jalapeno into thin slices. “Slaw is definitely one of those things that cowboys love,” she said. “It’s just like potato salad in that they can kind of like it the way they like it and don’t like much change to them.”

Drummond added, “But this is going to be really good. The sweetness is mild.”

The Pioneer Woman star combined regular cabbage, purple cabbage, celery, apples, and jalapenos in a big bowl.


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Ree Drummond’s slaw has a ‘vinaigrette approach’

For the dressing, Drummond whisked olive oil, white vinegar, sugar, celery salt, cayenne pepper, Dijon mustard, and salt together and poured the dressing over the coleslaw. “I took more of a vinaigrette approach for the coleslaw because the potato salad has a creamy dressing,” she explained.” So they’ll balance each other out. Coleslaw really doesn’t take a lot of dressing.”

Drummond added cilantro leaves to the salad and tossed everything together. “Coleslaw is such an underrated dish,” she said. “You know, it’s great as a salad, as a side dish. But I use it a lot of times to top things like brisket sandwiches. I’ve even put coleslaw on top of a pizza before.”

The Food Network host covered the slaw and placed it in the fridge.

The full recipe is available on the Food Network website.