‘The Pioneer Woman’: Ree Drummond Credits Her Son Bryce With Preventing an Easter Disaster

Ree Drummond’s son Bryce might have saved the family Easter brunch this year. He prevented the ham from tumbling from the oven onto the floor, anyway, something Ree said she’s thankful for. The Pioneer Woman shared the details of the giant ham — and weighed in with her thoughts on Bryce’s mullet.

Ree Drummond smirks as she looks on wearing a pink shirt
Ree Drummond | Nathan Congleton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

Ree Drummond shared the story of ‘Bryce and the Easter Ham’

Ree took to The Pioneer Woman website to share the story behind one of the photos she previously posted in her roundup of their family Easter. She promised at the time to write a separate post about the “adventure.”

On April 25, Ree posted all the details on her site, titled “Bryce and the Easter Ham.”

She started by asking, “Do you have that one kid in your family that just cracks you up, no matter what they do? Bryce is that kid for me. It could just be an expression he makes, or a phrase he utters, or a gesture or a question or a look … but something about Bryce just makes me laugh.”

Drummond continued, explaining how they went to her father-in-law Chuck’s home for brunch and he had cooked a 30-pound ham. He baked it in a disposable aluminum roasting pan with a rack which made it challenging to remove from the oven.

Ree Drummond’s son Bryce saved Easter brunch

Bryce stepped up to take on the task. “Would the pan hold up under the weight of the ham?” Ree wrote. “Would the pan bend and slosh juices all over the oven and floor. (Or worse, all over Bryce’s spiffy sports coat??) Would Bryce save Easter???”

She shared a series of photos that illustrated how the tense moment played out. Bryce reached into the oven with his mitts on and was seen concentrating on removing the ham, then placing it on the stove.

Ree shared just how touch-and-go the situation was. “As you can see, I was concerned. The pan was wobbly. One false move and Easter would be ruined! Not really, but boy oh boy, did I want to avoid a 30-pound ham winding up on the floor,” she wrote. “My jeans were a little snug that day, and I could not see myself squatting to clean it all up. He had to stop and set the pan back down a couple of times, and I was biting my nails the whole time.”

Bryce successfully got the ham out without any mess.

Ree wondered what’s up with mullets

Ree’s post ended with a poll and some thoughts about her son’s mullet.

“The real question here is, what is going on with mullets right now?” she asked. “Lest you think Bryce is an anomaly, please just google ‘Mullets Are Back’ and you’ll see that he isn’t. (Actually, don’t google that. Or if you do, enter at your own risk!)

She continued, “Basically, I don’t understand it, I don’t subscribe to it, I don’t endorse it, I don’t support it, I don’t like it, I am perplexed by it, I am flummoxed by it, and I think they should be illegal.”

She asked readers for their thoughts, with a poll so they could vote “yay” or “nay.”

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