‘The Pioneer Woman’: Ree Drummond Says Dogs Are Her ‘Favorite People’ and Her Fans ‘Couldn’t Agree More’

Ree Drummond loves dogs so much … she might just like them more than people. The Pioneer Woman star confessed “dogs are my favorite people” and she definitely wasn’t alone in that feeling.

Ree Drummond smiles wearing a pink shirt as she looks on
Ree Drummond | Nathan Congleton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

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Ree Drummond confessed ‘dogs are my favorite people’

In September 2021, Drummond posted a too-cute photo on Instagram of her with a canine audience, with one dog perched with his front paws on her lap and another pooch sitting and staring at her.

“If I ever come over to your house and you can’t find me for a while, just look for your dogs,” she wrote in the caption.” Dogs are my favorite people! No offense to all my family and friends. Okay bye!”

Drummond’s fondness for dogs is no surprise given that she has so many of her own and often posts about her four-legged family members.

‘The Pioneer Woman’s star’s fans agreed with her about dogs

Drummond’s fans flooded the comments section to share their love of dogs, with comments including, “Couldn’t agree more,” “I completely understand … I enjoy greeting the fur-babies,” “100% agree!,” and “I’m exactly the same.”

Other people shared, “That is so sweet” and “I also prefer dogs more than people!!!”

One fan noted, “When I see someone with a pup, which is a lot… I always say hi to the pups but not always to the people.”

Another fan commented, “Oh! I couldn’t agree more. At a party, I’m always the one doing more visiting with the dogs than the people.” 

Other fans wrote, “I agree 100%! Dogs are the best!,” “They love you too, “I hear you. I make a beeline for the dogs too,” “Dogs know good people,” and “I do the same thing!!!”

One Instagram user explained, “Yeah. If by some chance I’m at a social gathering I’ll either be sitting with the puppies or kitties or the old people. Now that is a real party.”

Fans shared why they love dogs so much

Some of Drummond’s fans weighed in with comments explaining why they adore dogs so much. “I so agree with you about dogs. I prefer dogs more than most people,” one person wrote. “They don’t talk behind your back, they don’t lie, they’re always glad to see you and hear your voice, they never disappoint and they’re so loyal.”

Another fan shared, “I love dogs too! They’re so smart and intuitive, loving and always ready to play.”

“Dogs are my favorite people too,” one fan wrote. “They’re so pure and the unconditional love they give is the best thing on this earth.”

Another fan simply stated, “We don’t deserve dogs … They are the best!”

One person shared their experience of visiting Drummond’s lodge and hanging with her lovely dogs. “When we came and visited your lodge … The dogs were the best part! LOL!” they explained. “I had so much fun with them!”