‘The Pioneer Woman’: Ree Drummond Explains the Story Behind the Cross at Alex Drummond’s Wedding

The Pioneer Woman star Ree Drummond recently attended the wedding of her eldest daughter, Alex Drummond. The Food Network host shared all the details of the ceremony. One thing you likely noticed when browsing photos of Alex’s wedding is the cross in the middle of the Drummond ranch. Ree shared the story behind the cross at Alex’s wedding.

Ladd Drummond picked the spot for Alex Drummond’s wedding

Ree Drummond with her husband and three of her children in 2017
Ree Drummond with her husband and three of her children in 2017 | Monica Schipper/Getty Images for The Pioneer Woman Magazine

Ree says the wedding ceremony was held in the middle of the Drummond Ranch. Her husband, Ladd, (known as Marlboro Man), chose the “exact spot” for the ceremony. Ree says he’s familiar with every inch of the ranch, so he was the best person to pick a place.

If, you’ve seen the Drummond ranch on The Pioneer Woman show, you’ve probably wondered about the size of the property. Just how big is the Drummond ranch? The ranch is roughly 433,000 acres according to Modern Farmer. It is reportedly the 17th largest ranch in the United States among the country’s top landowners.

Ree Drummond shares the story behind the cross at Alex Drummond’s wedding

Ree says Alex and Mauricio were responsible for the inclusion of the cross, which was decorated with blue, white, and pink flowers. “The idea for the cross came from Alex and Mauricio, who from the beginning of the wedding planning process envisioned it being in the backdrop of wherever their ceremony turned out to be,” says Ree on The Pioneer Woman website.

Ree says she was hesitant about having the cross placed on the ranch. She grew up following the Episcopalian tradition. Consequently, she’s more comfortable with being “understated” when it comes to the topic of faith.

“While I understood the heart behind what they were wanting, I was a little worried that a big cross on the ranch would seem…I don’t know, a little much,” says Ree. However, she says she was wrong about her reservations. She admitted that when she first saw the cross on the ranch, she was awestruck. “It took my breath away,” says Ree.

Faith is a big part of Ree’s life. She says she attends church regularly and takes time to read her Bible. She also credits church attendance with keeping her marriage strong. Ree shared with her Facebook fans that she has attended churches from various denominations throughout the years (Lutheran, Catholic, Presbyterian, and Episcopalian). Although she was raised Episcopalian, Drummond said in 2016 she identifies as Presbyterian.

Alex Drummond added other Christian elements to her wedding

Alex also incorporated her Christian faith into the music selection. Drummond says Alex and Ladd walked down the aisle to the hymn Behold. Singer Travis Linville sang the song, which is Alex and Mauricio’s favorite hymn, according to Ree.

Ree says the aisles were adorned with flowers from The Fleuriste, an Oklahoma-based floral and event-design company. Ree praised the company, saying the wedding designs were “an absolute dream.” She says she’s still in awe of their work.

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