‘The Pioneer Woman’: Ree Drummond’s Favorite Recipes Include a Salad That Made Her ‘Openly Weep’

The Pioneer Woman star Ree Drummond shared with her fans on many occasions that she loves food. Whether it’s chocolate cake or a delicious pot roast, she’s ready to dig in. The Food Network cook has a list of favorite recipes that make her taste buds sing with delight. Here are three of The Pioneer Woman’s favorite recipes.

Buttered rosemary rolls

Ree Drummond and the Property Brothers
Ree Drummond and the Property Brothers | Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for Hearst

One of Drummond’s favorite foods isn’t a dinner or lunch item, it’s an appetizer. The Accidental Country Girl revealed on her blog she’s a big fan of buttered rosemary rolls. On her website, she jokes you’ll be “loved” if you serve these rolls to friends and family.

“Wanna be loved?” writes Drummond. “Park these on the dinner table next time you have guests over. Pull-apart, herbalicious perfection.” Drummond says she developed a taste for rosemary rolls after eating them at a restaurant. She enjoyed the bread so much she ended up requesting three servings.

“I had some rolls like these in a restaurant once,” says Drummond. “Just after I placed an order for a ribeye steak and macaroni and cheese, the waiter brought a small iron skillet of bread to our table. They were warm, soft dinner rolls with the most delectable rosemary flavor, and I couldn’t control myself. Within seconds, the rolls were gone, and I was frantically scanning the restaurant for our waiter so I could request some more, which I eventually did.”

Buffalo chicken salad

Chicken is often on the menu in the Drummond household. One of Drummond’s favorite salads is the Buffalo chicken salad. She tells her fans this salad is borrowed from Buffalo wing recipes. Drummond joked she “wept openly” after tasting this hearty salad.

Drummond was inspired to try this salad during a flight for a business trip. “All I remember is hearing, as I rested my head back against the seat just after takeoff, that the lunch choice for that flight would be fish tacos or Buffalo chicken Salad,” says Drummond on The Pioneer Woman website. She says she fell asleep and had a dream that a flight attendant kept repeating the words “Buffalo chicken salad.”

“In my dream, I thought about what a great idea that was, to turn something so beloved as Buffalo chicken wings into crispy, crunchy salad form,” says Drummond. “In my dream, I could nearly taste the sauce-soaked chicken and the cool crisp greens, which I imagined would have some sort of a blue cheese dressing approach given the usual presentation of regular wings.”

Spicy macaroni and cheese

Many fans love Drummond’s macaroni and cheese recipes. Spicy macaroni and cheese is one of her favorite dishes. She enjoys spicy mac and cheese so much that she says she’s “speechless” after eating it. She also says eating spicy macaroni and cheese is “one of life’s real pleasures.”

“This flavorful, spicy macaroni and cheese [is] adorned with onions, peppers, corn, and delicious creamy Pepper Jack cheese,” says Drummond. “It’ll make your knees go weak, and it’ll make your guests never want to leave your house.”

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