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Ree Drummond is a massive fan of Tex-Mex cooking. The Food Network personality She loves to create dishes that feature this type of cuisine for her family, who are equally fond of its bold flavors and textures. The Pioneer Woman star has admitted that she will always love Quesadillas. However, for Ree Drummond, Tacos come in a close second. She claims her recipe for Fried Chicken Tacos is “the best in the world.”

Ree Drummond poses for a press photograph in a floral blouse.
Ree Drummond | Food Network/Discovery Press

Ree Drummond star loves to prepare Tex-Mex recipes

Over the past 29 seasons, Drummond has starred in the Food Network series The Pioneer Woman. She has made dozens upon dozens of recipes that incorporate Tex-Mex flavors.

These include those that feature meat, poultry, fish, and even vegetables.

According to the recipe Twisted Taco, to make a recipe Tex-Mex, several components should be in place.

These include fajitas (beef or chicken), nachos, and any dish that uses black beans, canned vegetables, wheat flour, cumin, or yellow cheese. 

‘The Pioneer Woman called her Fried Chicken Tacos ‘the best in the world’

In a post shared on her Pioneer Woman website, Drummond wrote that her recipe for Fried Chicken Tacos is “the best.”

Drummond expressed her love for this recipe.

“This is a departure from the normal buy-your-taco-shells-like-normal-people-do method of making tacos, but it’s fun to do with friends on a Friday night,” she wrote.

“In this recipe, the tacos are assembled, then fried in oil. This is where the “mess” part comes in. Between the assembling and the frying and the garnishing, you need to light a candle and have a moment of silence in your kitchen. But if you can get past that part of it, these tacos are fun to make. Try not to fear the aftermath,” Drummond concluded.

How to make ‘The Pioneer Woman’ star’s Fried Chicken Tacos


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To make the filling for the tacos, you will need the following ingredients. These include chicken breasts and diced green chilies. Cook both together until the chicken is done.

Prepare the other ingredients necessary to complete the meal, including grated cheese, sliced lettuce, diced tomato, sour cream, and hot sauce.

Drummond suggests having a plate handy and paper towels for the remainder of the process.

To fry the tacos, heat canola oil in a skillet. Fold tortillas in half and hold them closed with tongs. Lay the taco one side down in the oil and hold it down with the tongs to keep it closed. Turn after one side has fried, and then remove from the pan, holding the cooked shell on a slant, so oil drips out of the taco.

Then wrap tacos in paper towels to absorb excess oil before placing them on a plate.

Add grated cheese inside each taco, so it melts.

Continue cooking tacos until all are done.

Add toppings of your choosing to the finished meal.

Ree Drummond’s recipe for Fried Chicken Tacos can be found on The Pioneer Woman website.

The Pioneer Woman airs Saturdays at 10 a.m. EST on The Food Network,