‘The Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond and Lea Michele Love This Easy Breakfast Recipe

The Pioneer Woman star Ree Drummond and former Glee star Lea Michele both love to cook. Here’s the easy breakfast recipe they enjoy making for friends and family.

Ree Drummond and Lea Michele love this breakfast recipe

Ree Drummond on the ‘Today’ show | Tyler Essary/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Lea Michele has something in common with Ree Drummond. Just like the Food Network star, one of Michele’s favorite meals to cook is egg in a hole.

Drummond says sometimes the simplest meals are the most flavorful. “Sometimes it’s the simplest things that taste the best,” says Drummond on The Pioneer Woman blog. “These delicious little numbers define comfort food, are painfully easy to make, and will turn any stressful, hectic morning into something entirely different.”

Ree Drummond’s egg-in-a-hole recipe

For Drummond’s recipe, you will need one slice of bread, one tablespoon of butter, one egg, salt to taste, and pepper to taste. Drummond instructs readers to make a hole in the middle of the bread with a biscuit cutter or the rim of a glass. All you have to do is butter your pan, toast the bread, and then cook your egg in the middle of the bread.

Drummond says just one egg in a hole makes her happy. “Just one of these suckers is all I need to feel whole, happy and free,” she writes in her blog post. She also reveals her husband, Ladd, insisted she learn how to make egg in a hole before they got married.

Before I married Marlboro Man, I had to learn to make these delicious little numbers or he wouldn’t go through with the wedding. Called ‘Egg-in-a-Holes’ by his paternal grandmother who made them for him all during his childhood, I’ve learned not only to love them through the years but to need them.

They define comfort food, are painfully easy to make, and will turn any stressful, hectic morning into something entirely different. I’m not saying Egg-in-a-Holes will change the world but they will change your spirit. Sorta. Maybe.

Lea Michele’s egg-in-a-hole recipe

Michele’s egg-in-a-hole recipe is slightly different. For starters, there’s no butter. Her recipe requires one tablespoon of olive oil, one slice of bread, a pinch of sea salt, one egg, ¼ cup jar of roasted red peppers (drained and sliced), and one slice of your favorite cheese.

Michele says you can make this recipe in a panini press if you would rather not use a pan. “If you don’t want to make this in a pan, invest in a panini press,” writes Michele in her book Brunette Ambition. “It’s one of the best tools in my kitchen, because you can make gourmet, professional-looking sandwiches in less than five minutes. If you make your egg in a hole this way, you’ll need a second piece of bread to top it.”

Some Food Network fans hate the egg-in-a-hole recipe

Unfortunately, some Food Network fans say this is one of Drummond’s worst recipes. On a blog called The Lost Ogle, writer Louis Fowle shared his disappointment with the egg recipe. Fowle didn’t think the recipe was creative:

Probably the most offensively milked recipe on her website—introductory story about how the Marlboro Man wouldn’t marry her unless she learned how make this dish, which says an awful lot about her pre-Pioneer days—is the recipe for egg-in-a-hole, which is literally a piece of bread with a hole in it and then an egg dropped in said hole and fried on a skillet.

Louis Fowle, The Last Ogle

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