‘The Pioneer Woman’: Ree Drummond Loves 1 Dog Noise Even Though She Has Misophonia

Ree Drummond may have misophonia but there’s one animal sound she said she loves — her dogs lapping water. Some of The Pioneer Woman star’s fans agreed with her and others said it’s a sound they aren’t fond of.

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Ree Drummond | Monica Schipper/Getty Images for The Pioneer Woman Magazine

Ree Drummond said she has misophonia but loves the sound of her dogs drinking

Drummond took to Instagram on April 23 to share a video of her dogs loudly drinking water. “Do you love or hate this sound?” she asked in the caption.

“I love it, and I have misophonia so that’s really saying something!” she continued. “I guess my bassets can do no wrong in my eyes. (Except their breath, I guess.) I’m glad we had this talk.”

Misophonia is the “hatred or dislike of sound” that can trigger a negative emotional reaction. The sounds of people chewing, breathing, or tapping a pen are some examples that can cause a person with misophonia to feel frustration, anger, or anxiety.

Many of Drummond’s fans agreed with her

Some of Drummond’s followers weighed in with comments that they also love the sound. “I also have misophonia but I love hearing my dog (or any dog) drink or eat. Makes me happy!” one fan wrote.

“I have misophonia also! But this is not a sound I mind in the least!” another person commented.

One fan had the perfect name for the sound. “I love water schlomps!!!” they wrote.

Another follower shared, “Have two bassets and this is my favorite sound.”

Others commented, “Die for this sound!,” “I love everything about dogs,” and “Basset ASMR.”

When one of her followers commented, “LOVE IT! Need [a] ponytail holder for ears!,” Drummond responded, “I’ve tied their ears back before, and they look too cute and I can’t handle it so I take them down.”

One of The Pioneer Woman star’s followers made this genius observation: “It’s funny how the things we find most annoying in humans is the most adorable when animals do it — slurping, snoring, chewing with mouth open, leave toys everywhere…”

Another fan was in the same camp, commenting, “Love the sounds animals make eating and at play. I intensely detest listening to humans mouth breathe and noisy eating.”

Some fans said they hate this sound and other dog noises

Not everyone is a fan of the sound of dogs drinking water, however. When a follower commented, “Stone cold hate it!,” Drummond responded, “Haha, I get it!!!”

Another one of her fans shared, “Hate it! My old labbie used to wait until I got home to drink 5 gallons at once. Every. Single. Day.”

A number of Drummond’s followers agreed that the sound of a dog bathing themselves is particularly aggravating.  “Ya know the sound I CAN’T stand? The sound of my dog giving himself a bath at 4:00 in the morning!! It’s like a dripping faucet!” one person wrote. “He’s 95 pounds, I may or may not have thrown a pillow at him!”

Another person agreed, writing simply: “Worst. Sound. Ever.”

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