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The Pioneer Woman star Ree Drummond loves her husband, children, son-in-law Mauricio Scott and the family’s bustling ranch. The group leads hectic lives, including ranch work, recipe development, running Drummond’s growing businesses, and busy personal schedules. However, the clan still enjoys finding lighthearted moments in thier days. So when Drummond posted an Instagram video about ranch life, Scott, who helps film episodes of The Pioneer Woman, couldn’t help but add a first-rate reply to his mother-in-law’s video.

Ree Drummond and Mauricio Scott at a football game in Oklahoma.
Ree Drummond and Mauricio Scott | Ree Drummond/Instagram

Ree Drummond Appeared on Food Network Way Before Her ‘Pioneer Woman’ Show Debuted

The video was titled ‘Directions from Ladd’

Drummond regularly gives an insider look at life on her family’s ranch. These days typically begin before dawn. Her husband Ladd and his fellow cowboys usually drive through the darkness to get to the pasture where they are working. As the sun rises, they set atop their horses to begin their day.

Therefore, it wasn’t unusual for Drummond to share a video where she drove in the pitch black morning to get to the spot where Ladd worked.

However, in this clip, the Food Network star joked about the lack of clear directions her husband sometimes gives her, particularly in the early morning darkness.

Drummond dictated Ladd’s step-by-step instructions to reach the destination where he and the other cowboys gathered cattle. Fortunately, the television personality knows her way around their ranch. Otherwise, his remarks about “going through that gate,” “taking that road to the west,” and “veer around to the south” would have likely sent her in a direction opposite of where she was to meet her husband of almost 26 years.

At a whopping 433,000 acres, Ree’s cattle ranch in Pawhuska, OK, is the 17th largest privately owned ranch in the country. The Drummonds own most of the acreage but also lease a portion of the working ranch from other individuals. 

Ree Drummond’s son Mauricio Scott added a first-rate reply to the video

Drummond began the comment thread attached to the short clip by saying, “directions are hard.”

However, as the video progressed, Drummond not only made it to her ranch destination, she watched Ladd begin his morning routine. As the sun rose, he fed cattle and gathered the animals into the pens along with his fellow cowboys, flooding the ranch with vibrant pink and gold colors.

“How do you get home?” asked one follower in response to Ladd’s confusing directions.

“Girl, I’m lost. What road? I saw no road,” wrote a second Instagram user.

Scott repeated Drummond’s comment of “Sheesh” in the video and added several emojis to drive his point home, including two laughing and skull heads.

“I’d have him on that GPS thingy that tracks where your human is. Beautiful scenery,” a fourth wrote.

Drummond replied, “I wish that worked.”

Early mornings are one of ‘The Pioneer Woman’ star’s favorite times on the ranch

Drummond says her “typical” day looks different depending on her schedule.

According to an interview with Us Weekly, Drummond said she is usually up by 5:00 a.m. Once she’s up, the first thing she grabs is an iced coffee from her refrigerator.

“Sometimes I make food to deliver to the guys if they’re working. If I’m shooting my show, I try to get rid of my puff eyes, head to the lodge, and start shooting,” the Food Network superstar explained.

“Some days, I go into our store and restaurant, the Mercantile in our small town, and spend some time getting things done there. Never a dull moment. I aspire to dull moments!” she declared.

The Pioneer Woman airs Saturdays at 10 a.m. EST on The Food Network.