‘The Pioneer Woman’: Ree Drummond’s Mini Quiche Recipe Is Perfect for Your Easter Brunch Menu

Ree Drummond has the perfect bite-sized Easter brunch menu item — mini quiches that are oh so cute. The Pioneer Woman star’s easy quiches can be frozen and reheated later, too.

The Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond smiles standing a kitchen counter wearing a printed purple shirt on the set of 'Today'
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Ree Drummond recreated a special tea party with her daughter

Drummond made the easy recipe on an episode of The Pioneer Woman as part of an afternoon tea party with her daughter Paige, but it’s perfect for breakfast or brunch, too.

“I went to New York last fall to launch my cookbook and my daughter Paige went with me,” she explained. “The day we arrived, we had some time to kill because our hotel room wasn’t ready. So we treated ourselves to afternoon tea and Paige thought that was pretty cool.”

Drummond added, “I thought it’d be fun to recreate some of the things we had.” She made a number of items, both sweet and savory, for their special afternoon.

Ree Drummond’s mini quiche recipe is perfect for an Easter brunch menu

Drummond made the cute quiches for their tea, but they’re perfect for an Easter brunch menu, too. “As part of the lineup, I’m making a batch of ham and leek mini quiches,” she explained. “I think mini quiches go with pretty much everything … They’re so cute and these are extremely tasty.”

The recipe comes together quickly. Drummond sauteed sliced leeks in butter and placed them in mini muffin cups, then added thinly sliced deli ham to each cup. “Ham and leeks are one of the most delicious combinations imaginable,” she said.

The Pioneer Woman star whisked together eggs, half and half, salt, pepper, and hot sauce, then poured the mixture into each muffin cup and topped them with pepper jack cheese.

Drummond baked the mini quiches in a 350 degree Fahrenheit oven for 20 to 25 minutes. She allowed them to cool then removed them from the pan and topped each with a combination of sour cream and hot sauce, and garnished the quiches with chives.

The full recipe is available on the Food Network website.

Drummond makes individual ham and egg casseroles

The Pioneer Woman star puts another spin on mini quiches with her individual ham casseroles. “Breakfast casseroles have always been a hit in the Drummond household,” she said on her cooking show. “And there’s nothing wrong with baking a big one in a casserole dish but I found more and more that I like making the small ones because you can decide when you serve them.”

Drummond added, “I keep them in the freezer in a bag and, depending on how many people I need to serve, I just take them out, nuke them, and breakfast is ready.”

She whisked together eggs, salt, pepper, chili powder, sliced ham, diced onions, green bell peppers, and cheddar cheese.

Drummond poured the mixture into sprayed muffin pans and baked them in a 350 degree Fahrenheit oven for 15 minutes. “They’ll sink a little bit after they come out. But don’t worry, that’s totally normal,” she assured.

Once they cooled, she put the casseroles on a sheet pan and placed them in the freezer for 45 minutes, then put them in a ziplock bag to store in the freezer.

“The little individual casseroles are so versatile,” Drummond said. “You can let them thaw in the fridge overnight if you want and then the next day just microwave them for about 30 seconds.”

You can find the full recipe on the Food Network site.

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