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The Pioneer Woman star Ree Drummond has developed a mouthwatering cheesesteak recipe that doesn’t claim to be better than the original sandwiches from Philadelphia. Drummond made a point to differentiate her take on the tasty meat, veggie, and cheese creation by naming it after her beloved Pawhuska, Oklahoma. This way, there is no confusion as to why these sandwiches may not precisely follow the same recipe as the legendary Philly favorites. However, the taste is out of this world good, and the recipe is super easy to make.

Ree Drummond in her kitchen at the lodge featured on "The Pioneer Woman" television show.
Ree Drummond in her kitchen at the lodge featured on “The Pioneer Woman” television show | Discovery Press/Food Network

What are the origins of the cheesesteak sandwich?

The cheesesteak sandwich originated in Philadelphia’s Italian Marketplace.

Philadelphia Magazine reported Pat Olivieri opened a hot dog stand in 1930. Legend has it that Olivieri was tired of hot dogs and wanted to try something new for lunch. He reportedly got some meat scraps from a local butcher and cooked it, placing it on a hot dog roll.

A nearby cab driver commented on the sandwich. Olivieri split it with him, and the driver told him he should stop selling hot dogs and sell that type of sandwich. That was the invention of the steak sandwich. The cheese was added in the 1940s and was not the typical soft yellow topping but rather provolone.

Ree Drummond’s version adds onions and peppers as a condiment

Ree Drummond has a recipe for “Cheesesteak Lettuce Wraps, ” a vegetarian wonder.

The ingredients of Ree Drummond’s Pawhuska version of cheesesteaks vary significantly from the original sandwich.

She wrote in her book “The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Dinnertime” that for the record, “I’m not from Philly, not even from Pennsylvania, or the Northeast.”

Drummond continued, “I have about as much authority to make Philly cheesesteaks as I have to make bona fide jambalaya from Lousiana. I get that. I call these sandwiches ‘Pawhuska Cheesteaks’ in order to avoid losing all credibility with residents of Philadelphia.”

To build Drummond’s sandwiches, you will need butter, thinly shaved roast beef, Worchestershire sauce, yellow onion, and red and green peppers.

She also adds black and cayenne pepper as well as Cheez Whiz to deli rolls to create her sandwich.

Some of her unusual serving suggestions include spicy mustard, horseradish, or hot sauce, which are a hit with the cowboys on her ranch.

How to make Ree Drummond’s Pawhuska Cheesesteak sandwiches

Ree Drummond’s hoagies with quick pepper relish are another Drummond family favorite.

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Making Ree Drummond’s Pawhuska Cheesesteak sandwiches is easy enough for novice cooks.

First, heat up the sliced beef, adding Worchestershire sauce to taste.

In the same pan, cook the onions and peppers until desired tenderness.

Add the following seasonings, black pepper, and cayenne to the processed cheese sauce.

Take all toppings and add to rolls, which can be toasted or not to your liking.

The complete recipe for Ree Drummond’s Pawhuska Cheesesteak sandwiches can be found on the Food Network website.

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