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Ree Drummond has a passion for good quesadillas. The star of Food Network’s The Pioneer Woman has been open about her desire for the crispy, golden brown, stuffed tortillas that began when pregnant with her first daughter, Alex. Ree Drummond’s recipe for Philly Cheesesteak Quesadillas has all the flavors of the original sandwich and are “gloriously crispy.”

They’re also effortless to make and fantastic for a quick dinner the entire family will adore.

Ree Drummond poses in her kitchen where she tapes "The Pioneer Woman."
Ree Drummond | Discovery Press/Food Network

Ree Drummond’s passion for these tasty fried Mexican sandwiches

Drummond revealed in an interview with Delish that quesadillas are one of her favorite meals.

“I will turn anything into quesadillas—I’ll make breakfast ones with sauteed peppers, cheese, and scrambled eggs. I’ll wrap them in foil and hand them to people,” she said.

She admitted that quesadillas were number one on the list because of all the food cravings she experienced with children Alex, Paige, Bryce, and Todd.

“Quesadillas were my No. 1 pregnancy craving with all four of my kids,” says Drummond. “I don’t know why. And I haven’t stopped loving them.”

The ingredients of Philly Cheesesteak Quesadillas

You can also adapt the Philly Cheesesteak Quesadillas recipe for a crowd by making it in a sheet pan.

The ingredients of Ree Drummond’s Philly Cheesesteak Quesadillas couldn’t be more accessible.

Drummond used New York Strip Steak, oil, butter, onion, bell pepper, salt, and pepper for the filling.

The best part of making quesadillas at home is that you can swap out the protein.

For example, if you don’t have steak on hand, a Philly-style chicken quesadilla is just as tasty.

Don’t have red peppers? Use green. Even roasted, jarred peppers can work well in a quesadilla if they are drained before adding to the middle of the tortillas before cooking.

Don’t have cheddar cheese? Use mozzarella, jack, pepper jack, whatever you have on hand. The easy adaptability of the recipe makes a delicious fall dinner dedicated to quesadillas uniquely adaptable to the ingredients in the refrigerator.

How to make a Ree Drummond’s Philly Cheesesteak Quesadilla

Cheese Quesadillas are a Pioneer Woman staple in her Oklahoma ranch kitchen.

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First, pat the steaks dry—season with salt and pepper.

Add two tablespoons of oil to the pan and add the steaks—Cook for three minutes on one side. Flip over.

Then, add butter to the pan and baste the meat to get the flavor of the fat while it cooks on the other side.

Once the steak is prepared to the desired doneness, remove it from the pan and place it on a plate to rest. Cover with aluminum foil so the juices in the meat can redistribute.

Wipe out the grease from the bottom of the skillet. Add more oil, followed by thinly sliced onions. Cook until soft. Then add peppers, salt, and pepper. Cook until desired tenderness.

Once vegetables are cooked, remove them to a plate. Wipe out the pan once again.

On a cutting board or large platter, place one tortilla. Add some cheese, peppers, and steak. Top with a second tortilla.

Add butter to skillet and place tortilla in the pan. Cook until the side that is facing the heat is browned. Flip and brown the other side. Remove from the pan. Continue the process until all quesadillas are finished.

Serve cut into wedges with lime, sour cream, and salsa.

The full recipe is available on The Pioneer Woman website.

Ree Drummond stars in The Pioneer Woman, which airs Saturdays at 10 a.m. EST on the Food Network.