‘The Pioneer Woman’: Ree Drummond’s Ranch Garlic Rolls Recipe Uses 1 Easy Shortcut Ingredient

Ree Drummond always has a shortcut or two up her sleeves and she uses an easy store-bought trick for her delicious ranch garlic rolls. The Pioneer Woman star also uses the same technique for her cinnamon rolls to get the job done quickly.

Ree Drummond laughs for the cameras in front of a stainless steel refrigerator on the set of the Today show.
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Ree Drummond’s easy ranch garlic rolls use a quick hack

Drummond uses a foolproof method for her delicious garlic rolls, making them the same way as her cinnamon rolls, and leans on a couple of quick ingredients, too.

She demonstrated how to make the rolls on an episode of The Pioneer Woman. She started by combining garlic, butter, and parsley in a pan, allowed it to simmer and infuse, then turned off the heat.

Drummond used an easy store-bought shortcut for the rolls — pizza dough. “So, this is the kind of thing where you can use whatever dough you have at your disposal,” she explained. “This is store-bought pizza dough.”

She rolled the dough into a rectangle. “These rolls are amazing,” she shared. “They basically look like cinnamon rolls or sweet rolls but they are ultra-savory, very garlicky — and the star of the show is ranch.”

She showed how easy the rolls come together, as she poured the melted butter mixture down the center of the dough and used a brush to distribute it all over. “You basically want to get the butter all the way out to the edge,” she explained. Then she sprinkled a packet of ranch seasoning all over the buttery dough.

Drummond got to work rolling up the dough, using what she calls a “typewriter technique.” Once it was rolled into a log, she flipped the dough so the seam side was down, then sliced it into 12 circles. She poured the remaining melted butter over the bottom of a pan and placed the rolls into the skillet.

“Just like you would with cinnamon rolls, you want to put these in sort of a warm place in your kitchen, let them rise for 10 or 15 minutes,” Drummond explained. Then she baked them in a 400 degree Fahrenheit oven for 20 minutes.

The full recipe is available on the Food Network website.

‘The Pioneer Woman’ star’s cheesy garlic bread pinwheel recipe is also quick and easy

Drummond has another spin on garlic bread that uses a shortcut ingredient, too. Her garlic bread pinwheels are as simple to make as the ranch garlic rolls and “are so irresistible,” she said on her cooking show.

She uses a tube of crescent rolls that she rolls flat and then pours a melted butter combination of garlic, pesto, parmesan, and mozzarella over the top. Then she rolls the long side of the dough toward her, continuing to roll it until she makes a log. “I’m trying to keep it pretty rolled up. I don’t want there to be any air in the center, so I’m rolling it pretty tight,” The Pioneer Woman star explained.

She pinches the edge to close it, places the seam side down, then slices the dough into 12 pinwheels. She places them on a sheet pan and brushes the garlic pesto butter on top of each pinwheel. “Not exactly food you want to eat on a first date, but after 23 years, two garlic breads cancel each other out,” she joked.

She baked the pinwheels in a 375 degree Fahrenheit oven for 12 minutes.

You can find the full recipe on the Food Network website.

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