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Ree Drummond, the star of Food Network’s The Pioneer Woman, loves spicy food. She’s also a fan of tasty ground beef sliders. Pairing those things together seemed only natural for the television personality when she developed a delicious recipe for Spicy Whisky BBQ Sliders. Drummond “strongly urges” her followers to have fun in the kitchen and make Spicy Whisky BBQ Sliders, calling them “decadent, drippy, diminutive, dreamy, and divine.”

'The Pioneer Woman' star Ree Drummond appears during a book singing in 2012.
Ree Drummond, star of Food Network’s ‘The Pioneer Woman’ | Getty Images/Matt Stone

Ree Drummond claims Spicy Whisky BBQ Sliders are ‘delectable’

In a blog post shared on her Pioneer Woman website, Drummond called the sliders “diminutive and delectable!”

These small burgers are simmered in a whiskey BBQ sauce, then spiced with jalapeños.

Drummond urged her fans to make these sandwiches.

“I must urge you to strongly consider making these decadent, drippy, diminutive, dreamy, and divine sliders. When I took my first bite, I actually heard angels singing. They’re positively out of this world,” she wrote.

How to make Ree Drummond’s Spicy Whisky BBQ Sliders

The star of this surprisingly easy recipe is the ground meat of your choice.

Also needed are salt, pepper, butter, onion, whiskey, barbecue sauce, jalapeno slices, and slider buns.

While the ingredients are simple, together they create a delicious taste sensation.

To create the dish, form the meat into small patties which are seasoned with salt and pepper.

Cook the patties in melted butter until just above the desired doneness your family enjoys.

Then, remove from the skillet and drain almost all of the grease. Leave some in the bottom of the pan to finish off the recipe.

In the butter and fat mixture that remains in the pan, cook the diced onions until softened.

Shut the flame from the pan before adding whiskey. Then place the pan back on an open flame and cook for several minutes so the sauce starts to thicken. Follow by adding jalapenos and barbecue sauce.

The dish is finished by returning the sliders to the pan and allowing them to simmer in the sauce for several minutes until they are hot.

Serve by placing the patties on buttered and toasted buns. Add extra sauce atop each patty before serving.

The surprising and best part of this delectable sliders recipe


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Ree Drummond shared the most surprising and best part of this delectable sliders recipe with her readers.

The vessel for these amazing and unusual hamburger bites is the buns!

Soft and pillowy, they are a great contrast to the savory burgers.

Drummond also slathers them with butter before toasting them on a griddle to create a crunchy and buttery texture.

The complete recipe for Ree Drummond’s Spicy Whisky BBQ Sliders can be found on her Pioneer Woman blog.

The Pioneer Woman airs Saturdays at 10 a.m. on The Food Network.